Chapter 261 - So Sweet!

Chapter 261: So Sweet!

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“The person who got fed was more handsome, XOXO!”

That “XOXO” at the end blew up all of Weibo.

This was especially because Fu Jiu @ed Qin Mo on this post and added that picture of her feeding him. Qin Mo really looked handsome in that photo, with his face beautifully turned to the side and a light smile tugging on the corner of his mouth, looking very gentle.

His long fingers grabbed Fu Jiu’s wrist. He looked peaceful, and his eyes were so deep and beautiful.

Very quickly, all those who really loved Almighty Qin could easily tell how much Almighty Qin indulged that young man who was feeding him with his eyebrows raised.

Spade Z had never posted anything with her official account, which meant this was the very first post on her Weibo.

The moment she sent it out, there were already more than ten comments under it!

Not even one minute later, the comments hit 100!


“Is he flirting? OMG, this is my Great Spade!”

“That girl who dissed Spade Z, this is a slap to her face.”

“Big Spade doesn’t even care about her.”

“Of course, Great Spade only sees Almighty Qin!”

“Before this post, I had no doubt that Almighty Qin was the strong one on top. Now, I really have to reexamine this relationship and see who is on top and how is on the bottom!”

“Great Spade is the one on top for sure!”

“Okay, this is the first time in my life that someone changed his position in front of me. Very nice, this is my Spade Z!”

“I don’t think Almighty Qin was ever flirted with like this, XOXO!”

“I only have this to say: XOXO!”

“Following up there: XOXO!”

Qin Mo’s Weibo commenting area was swept with “XOXO” as well. The comment he didn’t want to see the most, he still saw. He knew how good a certain someone was at flirting, but seeing that message still made him laugh, and he looked much more amiable.

He opened his phone and directly replied. “Where are you?”

Spade Z: “On my way to the airport, you?”

Qin Mo: “Same, wait for me at terminal 1.”

Spade Z: “Ok.”

Two of them started interacting widely on Weibo.

This bowl of dog food was too much!

Fans were screaming down there all together!

“Hold on, Great Spade is going traveling with Almighty Qin?”

“Not traveling, I heard from a reliable source that the Supreme Alliance is having training in Tokyo, but it’s so cute to think of them being together!”

“I’m imagining my Great Spade waiting for Almighty Qin at the airport with his suitcase, soooo freaking cute!”

“Must have that lollipop in his mouth too, for sure!”

“Little Spade who was waiting for Almighty Qin, he…”

Fans were right about this. Fu Jiu was indeed waiting for Almighty Qin, but she wasn’t pulling her suitcase. Instead, she was sitting on it with her boarding pass in her hand.

She’d been to Tokyo before.

As a professional hacker, how could she not go to the most electronically development country in the world for some good equipment?

She looked forward to this team activity even more.

Generally speaking, Fu Jiu was quite relaxed and in a good mood.

Qin Mo got out of the Hummer and dragged the suitcase with his left hand while carrying phone in his right hand. As soon as he entered the airport gate, he saw the young man being himself.

Fu Jiu was undoubtedly stunning and eye-catching. Even though she had a mask on, her silver hair was obvious enough for her to stand out from the rest of the crowd.