Chapter 262 - Airport Date

Chapter 262: Airport Date

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Qin Mo curled up his thin lips first and lifted his legs. He walked over to Fu Jiu and patted the young man’s head with his hand, before saying in a sullen voice, “Let’s go.”

Fu Jiu glanced at Qin Mo’s leather suitcase. “This is your luggage?”

“Do I need anything else aside from hygiene products and sheets?” Qin Mo waited to check in as he was saying that.

Fu Jiu was still sitting on her suitcase. As Qin Mo walked closer, she moved in closer too, smiling handsomely. “Clothes, don’t forget we are staying there for 3 days!”

“I’ll just buy some there.” Qin Mo took the boarding pass. He saw the young man sitting on that large leather suitcase, so he simply pushed her and that suitcase together with his single hand, allowing him to move faster.

After hearing what the Big God just said, Fu Jiu suddenly feel that as a rich person, she acted really poorly.

“You bring your sheets rather than your clothes?”

Qin Mo turned back and looked at young man, appearing very arrogant and cold. “No matter how good the hotel is, the sheets are not clean enough. This is common sense.”

Fu Jiu felt like she was being mocked again.

Qin Mo didn’t let the young man come down and walk by herself. He didn’t bend his waist either. He simply pushed the suitcase with one hand and gave the boarding pass and the ID to the young man using the other.

The whole scene looked too cute. No wonder some girls would stare and want to take pictures of it.

But whenever a girl raised her hand, the young man would look in her direction and make her only see how handsome she was, while forgetting to press the button.

Some of the players in Jiang City saw the Weibo post that Almighty Qin and Fu Jiu were meeting at the airport,. They all came and wanted to catch them together on site.

But unfortunately, they were still too slow. When they arrived at the airport, those two had already passed the security check.

From afar, they saw Lin Feng holding a coffee and talking to Cloud Tiger, who was standing next to him.

Uncle Yin and Xue Yaoyao were standing next to them.

The Supreme Alliance were all in their required uniforms.

Some of them stood at the gate together while wearing uniforms with the Supreme Alliance logo on them, creating a unique sight at the airport.

A group of rich housewives who were going shopping in Tokyo, turned back more than once just to check them out.

When Fu Jiu and Qin Mo showed up together, they couldn’t help but ask, “What is this? Some dancing stars? They have the same style as those people on the posters in my daughter’s room.”

“God, catch up! That’s a K-pop group!”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s the word! K-pop!”

The rich housewives was talking and secretly checking out Fu Jiu. “This young man is really handsome, he’s my daughter’s type.”

“So what, no matter how good-looking he is, he’s not from China.”

Fu Jiu heard that and smiled at them. “Auntie, I am from China, and I’m not a K-pop groupie. I’m an online gaming player.”

“Online gaming?” Aunties were confused because they hadn’t heard of such a thing before, but Fu Jiu’s answer intrigued them, and they started grilling her with questions.

Fu Jiu started chatting with those housewives since she was still waiting.

This made the other players frustrated. “I think this guy can make people from age 8 to 48 become his fans. How can he chat so happily with a bunch of aunties?”

Lin Feng made a tutting noise with his teeth. “I was worried that Little Spade would get affected by that Weibo incident, but now I know he’s fine.”

Cloud Tiger didn’t have more to add. “It’s good to have a positive attitude.”