Chapter 263 - Our Dream

Chapter 263: Our Dream

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Lin Feng scoffed, “Are you sure he’s being positive and not flirting with those aunties? How on earth did he manage to say that auntie looked like an 18 year old?”

Cloud Tiger analyzed and turned this over in his head for a long time.

Lin Feng took another sip of his coffee and said angrily, “That auntie is going to sponsor him already! I don’t even have a freaking girlfriend!”

Cloud Tiger played with his boarding pass. “This has nothing to do with how you talk, this is about you look. You can forget about getting all that special treatment with your looks.”

Teammates were exchanging thoughts on this side, while Qin Mo pulled that flirtatious young man back with his hand. “Let’s get familiarized with our hotel address again. Feng Yi will stay here to deal with the incident, and Secretary Liang will take over his work. If you meet any trouble during the three-day training, you can go to him. COCO and Fatty are already on board. Right now, let’s all match our times and double-check our IDs.”

Qin Mo was from the military compound, and it showed in his actions.

As soon as he spoke up, everyone listened and there was no more chit chat.

After everything was settled, the Supreme Alliance officially started boarding.

A three-day training and a friendly contest with the countries in the East.

The latter part is the most important.

According to Feng Yi, the other party was really strong. During last year’s training, they completely oppressed the Supreme Alliance.

Plus they recruited a new player king this year. On the Tokyo National Server, the number of FCs they had was pretty amazing.

If the Supreme Alliance couldn’t win against them now, then the Supreme Alliance wouldn’t be qualified to compete for the national contest.

Which meant, this was a qualification contest.

If they won, Supreme Alliance would welcome endless cheers and applause.

If they lost this one again, even Almighty Qin’s reputation would be jeopardized.

Most importantly, no matter if it was Xue Yaoyao or Spade Z, right now only those who knew about Hero knew about them. They needed to win this game to be known and recognized by more people around them, and to prove that they were not just messing around, they were the real deal.

This was Xue Yaoyao’s first time taking a plane. From the moment it took off, she was excited. From her window seat, she could see endless clouds outside.

She didn’t tell anyone how much blame she took in order to come on this Tokyo trip.

She lived in an enclosed courtyard house, so there were always people visiting.

“You could get such great benefits by playing games? Must be fraudulent!”

“Forget it, let her dream. The job I recommended her didn’t deserve her, I know, she thinks I’m setting her up.”

“Such an unreasonable kid, why doesn’t she look at her own condition. I can’t convince her so I’ll let her do whatever, but she will regret it one day…”

Xue Yaoyao knew a selection contest would never change ordinary people’s opinions.

When they knew that you played games professionally, most ordinary people would instantly ask, “If you are so good, why aren’t you on TV?”

Usually, at such times, she would remain silent.

Xue Yaoyao clearly knew that if she wanted to prove herself, she needed to compete in the national contest.

Those people would only shut up when she was on the stage of the national contest.

In fact, Fu Jiu thought the same.

Most people in school wouldn’t care about a small selection contest.

National contest…

It wasn’t just Xue Yaoyao who dreamed of going…

Yin Wuyao, Feng Shang, Lin Feng, Cloud Tiger, and the other players all saw that stage as their dream.

One wanted to prove that he was still young.

One wanted to prove that a stutterer could play games like a badass.

One wanted to prove that a girl from a poor family also had the right to dream…