Chapter 264 - Intensive Training Started, Sweet

Chapter 264: Intensive Training Started, Sweet

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Jiang City was the capital of China. It didn’t take long to fly directly to Tokyo. Even though it was a cross-country flight, after only four hours, they were above Tokyo already.

But in these short four hours, sleepy-head Fu Jiu put on the eye mask given by the airline right after she boarded, adjusted her seat back, and turned her head to the side side so her silver hair dropped over the eye mask, creating a pretty black-and-white contrast.

Qin Mo arranged for the young man to sit next to him in order for “him” not to flirt around.

After seeing Fu Jiu act so nicely, he softened his face, lowered his magazine when the flight attendant walked over, and asked, “Can you get me a blanket please?”

That flight attendant looked at Qin Mo and blushed. Even though she had seen many cute boys before, but it was rare for her to encounter such an attractive deep voice.

However, Qin Mo’s attention wasn’t on the flight attendant at all. No matter how sweet her smile was, his gaze only rested on the young man’s face after he got the blanket he asked for.

When he turned to the side, he was closer to young man, and “his” attractive youthfulness suddenly struck him. Qin Mo paused and drew his hand back.

Only this time, he wasn’t reading his magazine, because the young man dropped his head onto his shoulder.

Qin Mo frowned, but he didn’t push him away in the end, perhaps because it was this one who was sleeping next to him.

Qin Mo was affected and after a couple of minutes, he fell asleep lightly.

Lin Feng turned back and wanted to give Little Spade a beef burger, but he saw this as soon as he turned back!

He was stunned and his mouth dropped open. He calmed himself and looked back at them again, before asking Cloud Tiger frustratedly, “Tell me, do you think Captain would really sacrifice himself to Little Spade just to win the national contest?”

“Why don’t you ask Captain yourself?” Cloud Tiger threw this at him and put his eye mask back on, getting ready to sleep.

Lin Feng murmured. “How would I dare to ask him. I ain’t stupid, but Captain is really abnormally nice to Little Spade, that’s for sure.”

“Captain took him as his little brother.” To this day, Cloud Tiger only could come up with this explanation.

Lin Feng accepted this quickly. “That’s why! Now it makes sense!”

Secretary Liang was sitting next to them. He looked up at the cabin and thought, makes sense my butt! This is not how you should treat your little brother normally!

But he’d rather believe that he was overthinking again.

After all boss Qin grew up alone, so whenever he met someone nice and younger than he was, it was not strange that he would want to protect him!

But as soon as he thought about the conversation on Weibo today, Secretary Liang lost his self-confidence in his judgment again!

Madam didn’t come back in the country yet. After she was back, she would definitely ask about this!

Now his only hope was that this would change in Tokyo, because their team would meet up with Ms. Liuli’s team…

When Fu Jiu woke up, she took the eye mask off and only saw the blinding sunlight, which meant that the plane was descending.

Qin Mo woke up earlier than she did. He saw the young man wake up and pointed at his shoulder with a cold smile. “Your saliva is all over it, what you gonna do about that?”

“I’ll give you my own uniform.” Fu Jiu smiled at Qin Mo, straightened up her back and took her coat off. “As long as Brother Mo doesn’t mind my dirty clothes.”

Qin Mo curled his thin lips upwards. “You’re not getting away with this. Wash it after we arrive at the hotel.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Making me slave away even before the training starts, how brilliant Almighty Qin is!