Chapter 265 - Same Room?

Chapter 265: Same Room?

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The hotel where the Supreme Alliance was staying was in downtown Tokyo, which claimed to be the most electronically advanced city in the world.

Here, no one was against online gaming, or voice acting and dubbing.

Choosing here as the training location was for the sake of letting team players get more involved in the atmosphere.

The streets were clean, and with the people walking past each other, all speaking Japanese, it made you feel like you were in a Japanese cartoon.

Just when they arrived at the lobby, an embarrassing problem occurred.

No matter how rich the Supreme Alliance was, they still reserved standard rooms with two beds. They wouldn’t reserve single rooms.

After Fu Jiu heard this, she raised her eyebrows and narrowed her beautiful eyes, but her facial expression barely changed.

After the convenience store incident, she knew how great this big god was about analyzing people, so she didn’t stand up or say anything.

But Xue Yaoyao looked up and her heart raced up.

Three sdays in a standard two bedroom?

What should Highness Jiu do?

It’s not going to be convenient no matter who she pairs up with, right?

What if her secret is exposed…

Thinking about this, Xue Yaoyao looked at Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu was looking at her too, and she moved her fingers slightly.

Xue Yaoyao was a smart girl. She rolled her eyes and said to Secretary Liang. “I’m scared of the dark, can I share a room with Highness Jiu? The two of us are close, and I trust Highness Jiu.”

This was a sudden proposal, and it made everyone put their suitcases down and look to her in shock.

Sister Yaoyao wanted to share a room with Little Spade?

A boy and a girl in the same room?!

So openly?

Even Qin Mo’s left hand, which was holding the key card, paused a little with her words. As he lifted his eyebrows, he already looked unhappy.

Feng Shang stuttered even more. “What-what-what did you say? You-you-you want to share a room with my idol?”

Lin Feng smiled naughtily, “You go, Sister Yaoyao. Not bad, this way Little Spade is all yours. Do whatever you want to him, even forcibly kiss him!”

Xue Yaoya’s face was red like an apple from being teased, but she didn’t back down from this. She just didn’t know how to reply.

Fu Jiu walked over with one hand in her pocket and the other on Xue Yaoyao’s shoulder, all smiles. “Stop that, Sister Yaoyao still needs to get a boyfriend. But, it’s true that she’s afraid of darkness…”

“Even so, sleeping in the same room with a man would affect her reputation.” Qin Mo walked over and cut the young man off with his cold voice.

Fu Jiu laughed. “I agree, therefore, Secretary Liang, please find a pretty girl to keep Yaoyao company at night. As for me, I can share a room with my Feng baby.”

As she was saying this, Fu Jiu turned around and winked at Feng Shang with her left eye.

Feng Shang was beyond happy, but just as he was gonna say something…

“The rooms are all set. You and I share one room.” Qin Mo’s existence pressured everyone on sit. He obviously said this to Fu Jiu.

Feng Shang was worried. “I-I-I can change with Almighty Qin!”

Qin Mo laughed lightly, then turned back looked at Feng Shang. His deep eyes were especially gentle, but his words were sharp. “Junior young master, I can teach your idol how to play games better. Can you?”

Every time Almighty Qin called Feng Shang junior young master, it would numb his skull. There was no mercy in his voice…