Chapter 266 - Almighty Qin?

Chapter 266: Almighty Qin?

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“I… I…” With his abilities, he couldn’t give his idol any gaming tips. Feng Shang couldn’t fight back due to his stuttering. From his point of view, he felt that Almighty Qin was acting a bit shameless at this point by using such a thing to give him pressure. How could he compare himself to Feng Shang, a new player, like this?

But Qin Mo was obviously fine with this way of pressuring him. “The national contest is coming up and your idol is the new player king of the Supreme Alliance. If he doesn’t give his best performance, he will bring shame to our team.”

Fu Jiu heard that and wanted to prove that she had a say in all of this. “I can practice in my own room. Elevate my performance to another level? Easy peasy!”

“You’re sure you are elevating and not flirting?” Qin Mo curled the corners of his lips up, sounding indifferent. “Your credit has run out with me, so no more bullshit. Take your luggage and follow me upstairs.”

Fu Jiu knew that nobody could change Almighty Qin’s mind once he was set on his decision.

Also, before they arrived, this big god had already told her that he would privately teach her. He just didn’t say that this included sleeping in the same room.

She could cover her true gender and identity perfectly while sharing a room with anyone else.

But with this big god… He was an expert in criminal psychology, so she wasn’t sure what unexpected things were going to happen not that she was suddenly living with this big god.

“What? Don’t like it?” Qin Mo’s steps stopped. As he continued pulling his suitcase, he looked back while smiling lightly at her, but those eyes weren’t anything remotely close to being warm.

Fu Jiu insisted, “I’m sharing a room with Feng Shang, but Brother Mo can still teach me.”

Qin Mo looked at Fu Jiu deeply and his voice cooled down. “Suit yourself.”

Then, he turned around in an extremely cold manner.

Even though Fu Jiu knew that it was quite hurtful for him to be rejected twice, she couldn’t afford to live with this big god and expose herself. It was too dangerous.

Players of the Supreme Alliance were all standing there, without daring to speak up. After all, the way their captain turned around was too obviously cold. He was not happy. Even someone as slow as Lin Feng had noticed that, as well as the cold aura around his captain.

Waiting until after Qin Mo left, Lin Feng finally spoke up and patted Fu Jiu’s shoulder. “Little Spade, big brother respects you. Nobody has ever rejected captain before, you are the first one.”

“I just think that Feng Shang really, really wants to sleep with me.” Fu Jiu smiled and looked towards where Qin Mo had disappeared. “I’m afraid that if I didn’t insist, he would cry.”

Student Feng thought… I’m not that fragile!

But he was on cloud nine because he was able to sleep with his idol!

He brought his handsome pajamas with him today, so he could lay next to his idol in those. They could even have a pajama party!

All of his snacks were for his idol to eat!

All the game coins in his account were for his idol to use!

Student Feng was thrilled.

Xue Yaoyao looked at Fu Jiu worriedly.

Fu Jiu gave her a comforting look back. Baby Feng was a careless person, so he wouldn’t notice anything.

Feng Shang indeed didn’t notice anything. All he could think about was that it was such a great free bonus that he could be this close to his idol.

Secretary Liang followed Boss Qin into the elevator, so he felt the coldness from him the most acutely.

Looking at his Boss Qin’s icy face, he didn’t dare to say a word.

Qin Mo looked at the number that showed on the elevator in dead silence. He looked fine on the outside.

But his left hand on the suitcase slowly tightened without being noticed…