Chapter 267 - Being Jealous?

Chapter 267: Being Jealous?

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Perhaps he wasn’t prepared to ever be rejected like this.

So when this happened, it made him very uncomfortable.

Qin Mo squinted his eyes, looking extremely dangerous.

He was not comfortable.

Secretary Liang maintained his alertness, but didn’t dare to say anything just yet.

After they exited the elevator, an incoming call saved his life.

Looked at that straight, regal back in front of him, Secretary Liang felt relieved. He adjusted his tone and said gently, “Miss Liuli, yes, we arrived. That’s right, we’re still at the hotel. We had plans for lunch already. Boss Qin is bit tired from travel. No need to welcome us! We are all here to train. Okay, see you in the afternoon.”

After he finished, he met eyes with a cold Qin Mo.

He explained hurriedly, “Vice president made the schedule, the two teams will train together.”

Qin Mo went inside the room, pulled his coat off, and said in an extremely cold tone, “That was before. We have new members now, so change the schedule tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Secretary Liang knew that his boss didn’t like to interact with girls, but he would turn gay if he was not able to interact a bit more with real, living, breathing girls!

Meanwhile, Baby Feng was still excited. He looked at Fu Jiu with his face blushing. “I-I-Idol, whi-whi-which bed you prefer?”

“Me?” Fu Jiu looked down and threw her bag away casually, looking very handsome. “I’m fine with either.”

Baby Feng was serious. “Then, then I will take the outside one. If bad-bad-bad guys are coming, I can protect you!”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows and whistled at Feng Shang. “Come on, do I look like I need your protection?”

Baby Feng: …Well, idol doesn’t need me to protect him!

“Then, then that, i-i-idol, what is it with you and Almighty Qin?” Student Feng Shang was quite sensitive about such things!

Fu Jiu turned to him, and rested her long legs on the edge of the bed. “Nothing, we’re fine!”

“Then-then-then why don’t you sleep with Almighty Qin, but m-m-me?” Feng Shang was suspicious about this matter.

Fu Jiu held the lollipop in her mouth, and unzipped her jacket with her head down. “Didn’t you ask for this?”

“I-I-I did, but-but-but something is not right!” Feng Shang laughed out loud when he thought about this. “I-i-idol, do you actually like me more? Compared to Almighty Qin?”

Fu Jiu laughed, too, looking very pretty. “Baby Feng, you are overthinking it. Almighty Qin is too handsome, so I’m afraid that I can’t help having certain relations with him at night after seeing that pretty face. I don’t want to be beaten up! No good.”


Which meant that I am not attractive enough for him to sleep with?

Feng Shang wasn’t happy about that. “I-I-I’m good-looking too!”

“Of course you are handsome!” Fu Jiu couldn’t agree more. “If I sleep with you, you could only stay under me. You are no match for me, so it’s quite safe.”

Feng Shang: …How could he only be under him! Not happy with that!

“There’s a message in the WeChat group.” Fu Jiu looked at the phone screen. “Gather at the lobby in one hour, heading out to the training location.” After she read this, Fu Jiu looked up with a light smile. “Okay, get ready, we are going to meet our partner team soon. I heard they were all girls!”

Having a partner team made all the Supreme Alliance wolves’ blood boil, especially Lin Feng. He specifically dropped by Fu Jiu’s room, pointed at his hairstyle, and asked Fu Jiu seriously. “Little Spade, how’s my hair? Cool?”