Chapter 268 - Fu Jiu Never Heard of Kali

Chapter 268: Fu Jiu Never Heard of Kali

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Fu Jiu’s tapping hand stopped beating rhythmically. She looked up and said slowly. “Lin Feng, I think you can really forget about being cool when you are with Brother Mo. Even though you are handsome like a male god, you would only attract some men, because no girls would look at you if they saw that big god.”

Lin Feng: …This is purely a personal attack!

Cloud Tiger was behind them. He silently gave a thumb up to Fu Jiu’s comment, showing his utter agreement with it.

They gathered in the lobby. Fu Jiu was still wearing that black mask. The weather in Tokyo wasn’t warm. The mask could block the smog when she was in Jiang City, but here, it was for warmth.

Those manly guys from the Supreme Alliance had all showered and carefully done their hair.

You could even see the hair product on uncle Yin’s hair.

It was fine because they were in Tokyo. If they were in Jiang City, their hair would be covered by dust by the time they were back from outside.

Xue Yaoyao was the only normal one aside from Qin Mo.

Of course, there was also Fu Jiu.

In fact, Fu Jiu couldn’t understand why her teammates did this. She couldn’t help but turn around and ask Xue Yaoyao a question. “They don’t look like they are going to a contest, they look like they are going on blind dates.” Even Baby Feng took his dull glasses off and put on some trendy dark brown contact lenses, instantly becoming ten times more handsome.

“Is this really necessary?” Fu Jiu waited for thirty minutes just for Baby Feng to get his hair done, and that was almost enough time for a girl to do her full make-up!

Lin Feng looked at Fu Jiu, and as if he were extremely experienced, said, “Little Spade, you don’t get it. Standing next to someone like captain, if you don’t make some effort while dressing up, then nobody would even remember who you are. Not to mention, we are participating in this friendly contest with Kali! Think about it, don’t you think this is one crucial step for me to change my single status?”

“Kali…” Fu Jiu repeated this name, and there was one sentence showing on her face: “I don’t know them.”

All the teammates, including Xue Yaoyao, looked at Fu Jiu in shock.

“No way, Little Spade, you play Hero and don’t know about Kali?” Lin Feng’s facial expression was one of a kind. “They are so famous, especially in the hearts of all nerds. They’re simply a group of goddesses!”

Fu Jiu laughed and took her mask off, pointing at her face. “You can’t be a nerd looking like this. That’s by the standard of nerds’ looks, I’m too handsome for that.”

Lin Feng: …F*ck, a second round of personal attacks!

“Okay, okay! You are the most handsome one!” Lin Feng really wanted to drag this guy over and beat “him” up. “But no matter what, it’s too weird that you don’t know about Kali. Everyone who pays attention on Hero should know them.”

Fu Jiu looked at Qin Mo, who hadn’t said anything from the beginning. She curled up the corners of her thin lips and said, “I only knew Almighty Qin. The rest, I’ve never heard of.”

Lin Feng…

Cloud Tiger…

Secretary Liang…

At this time, they all suddenly recalled the information from before, that Little Spade played games only to chase Almighty Qin. Now, it seemed to be true!

After Qin Mo heard this, he looked up blankly. His eyes were cold and his voice was deep. “You guys believe him?”

What else? No other reason could explain how someone who played Hero had never heard of Kali!

Qin Mo tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. “He wouldn’t know any other team names if you ask him. He started playing Hero by accident, so of course he doesn’t know about Kali.”