Chapter 269 - The Jealousy Is Getting Richer

Chapter 269: The Jealousy Is Getting Richer

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“Brother Mo, don’t break the mystery, even if you know what’s behind it. Otherwise it’s gonna be hard for us to remain friends.” Fu Jiu started playing online games just to earn some extra money, and was now attending the national contest to help He Honghua get her company back in the most glorious way.

Other people would be stunned by what she just said.

The new player king in Zone C got into Hero by accident?

What was happening?

Fu Jiu noticed the way that people were looking at her, but she laughed it off. “But, since I’m in this, I will do my best. Our goal is the national contest, right?”

Lin Feng was still confused. “Then what was it that you wanted to do at first? Why did you get so many FCs in Zone C?”

“To make money. Fu Zhongyi removed my name from the family, and my mum’s company was in trouble. If I didn’t go make money, we were going to lose our villa to the bank. There was no way that I was gonna let that Three get what she wanted. First, I needed money, so I played games for others for money. It was actually a pretty good deal.” Fu Jiu told the honest truth.

Feng Shang looked at her from the side with his sad little eyes. “I-I-Idol, why didn’t you tell me you needed money?”

Fu Jiu: …Do I look that poor? God… These rich kids, it’s so hard to be friends with them.

After hearing all those conversations, Xue Yaoyao changed her opinion on Fu Jiu.

She never expected that Highness Jiu needed to face all this realities.

She thought that with the power of Fu Family, at least, Highness Jiu would never need to make money on her own…

But now, when she thought about it, she realized that if the Fu Family were alright, Highness Jiu wouldn’t need to pretend to be a boy all this time.

Perhaps the fact that Highness Jiu always looked so handsome and care-free made people neglect how many problems and burdens she was carrying, even though they were even more than most other people needed to.

She felt silly, because she should’ve found out about this ever since that speech Fu Jiu gave on the press day. Only people who were mistreated or who had experienced injustice would be able to deliver such a vivid and great speech like that.

Fu Jiu saw that Xue Yaoyao was looking at her. She raised her eyebrows at her and laughed out loud, looking as gentle and handsome as always.

At that very moment, Xue Yaoyao simply felt that her heart melted.

Fu Jiu set the bar for her—she was an existence like a true role model.

“Ok, let’s go guys, the SUV is here.” Secretary Liang basically took over Feng Yi’s job. In fact, CEO’s personal assistant was meant for more than this, and such tasks were a little below his position.

But, in order to not let Boss Qin turn gay, he needed to follow them himself. He trusted no one else with this!

The Qin Group was rich. Even the SUV they rented was a top brand one. The car was a pure black model and was really comfortable to sit in.

Fu Jiu didn’t move at first. When everyone was in the car, she took some Japanese yen out from her pocket and put them in Xue Yaoyao’s hand. “Buy things that you like. Tokyo is the shopping paradise for all girls. I assumed that you didn’t have time to exchange some Japanese yen for yourself.”

Xue Yaoyao instinctively wanted to refuse.

Fu Jiu dragged her into the car with one hand. “I’m just loaning them to you, cool?”

Lin Feng sat in the huge SUV and saw this scene, causing him to instinctively touch his chin. “Why do I feel that Little Spade treats Little Sister Yao especially well?”

“Wasn’t it you who said that we had only one little sister in the group and that we should protect her well?” Cloud Tiger didn’t really care about him.

Lin Feng was still murmuring. “That’s different, he really treats her especially well, but I can’t put it in words.”

After hearing what Lin Feng had just said, Qin Mo, who was sitting in the far back, retracted his gaze from outside the window and laid his deep eyes on those two who were sitting in the first row. The depths of his icy eyes deepened…