Chapter 27 - Fu Jiu: But It Will Never Be Absent!

Chapter 27: Fu Jiu: But It Will Never Be Absent!

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That was hate, hate in the heart of each student who was expelled by Director Zhang.

Director Zhang was still stubborn. “If you didn’t steal it, why did you return it?”

The girl didn’t expect that this loser would still say something at this moment in time. She was quivering with rage.

Fu Jiu held up her hand, and said in a low voice, “According to Director Zhang, if we pick something up, we’d better keep it to ourselves? Because if you are poor, you will be unfairly mistaken as a thief?” Upon saying this, her gaze lifted, and her silver hair shone with a sharp gleam. “I heard that the school leaders are planning to recommend Director Zhang to teach in other places. Shouldn’t such a teacher be blacklisted?”

“You!” Director Zhang’s finger was trembling.

The school head immediately interrupted him, “No way, dear student. Don’t worry, the education world will not want such a person!”

Upon hearing that, Director Zhang froze. He had a nasty expression, and turning his head, he looked at that school head.

There was… no longer any hope for him…

Reporters flocked towards him like bees, and some asked, “Can his conscience be at peace?”

Some were interviewing students, and one of the questions was: “Since you have suffered injustice, why didn’t you say it earlier? Were you waiting for the issue to get bigger?”

Such evil intentions existed in any time.

Fu Jiu glanced at the reporter coldly.

Other media personnel couldn’t stand it any longer. One of them pushed that reporter aside and said, “We have all read that post online. Some people were dismissed even if they were wronged, but they were still kind at heart. I would like to ask all of you, what allowed you to stay true to yourself?”

The mic was handed to that girl who was said to be a thief.

The girl took the mic and put it in Fu Jiu’s hand. She looked at her with sparkles in her eyes.

Fu Jiu smiled and turned her head. She looked towards the camera with both eyes, which were flashing with a blinding light. “Because we all believe that justice might come late, but it won’t be absent.”

At that very moment.

Several students’ eyes welled up with tears.


Justice might come late, but it wouldn’t be absent.

We believed so much, so that we could hang on until today.


Qin Mo pressed on the TV remote control, and his eyes turned to his subordinates. Frowning slightly, he said, “What the hell are you crying for?”

“I didn’t know anything aside from programming. When I was little, I also got expelled because my teacher said that I wasn’t a good student.” Fatty rubbed his face while saying this, “If not for CEO Qin discovering me, I wouldn’t be able to become a hacker.”

Qin Mo looked at the other. “Second generation rich guy, don’t tell me you were expelled, too.”

“I’m so moved!” COCO was biting on his rabbit’s ear. “That b*stard director, he deserves to be destroyed. Captain, you should call your mother right now, so he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere!”

Hearing this, Qin Mo tilted his head and lit a cigarette. His eyes were dim as he said, “There’s no need for me to do it; someone will make him suffer.”

“Who?” COCO was surprised.

Qin Mo’s long and slim fingers flicked the silver lighter. “Spade Z.”

Hearing that, Fatty and COCO all jumped up!

“CEO Qin, you mean that Spade Z was the one behind all of this?”

Qin Mo held the cigarette between his fingers. With his ironed suit, his regal air was shocking. He was so casual but so grounded at the same time. “Who else would expose so much of Director Zhang’s private chat history? Unless someone hacked into his phone system. Spade Z must be among those six kids getting interviewed…”