Chapter 270 - The Training Location Is Quite Special

Chapter 270: The Training Location Is Quite Special

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The training location was the biggest gaming facility in Tokyo.

What was the most important thing when playing games?


Why did so many people still go to internet cafes even though they had computers at home?

If you asked those who played AU or Dazzling Dancing, they would tell you the answer.

Players sitting together, being in the same rhythm, tapping on the keyboard with those crisp sounds, was thoroughly refreshing and exciting!

This was also true when playing Hero.

Hero was a game that focused on strategy-making and team cooperation, which was why so many people were into it.

The gaming facility looked very lively.

It was full of Japanese youngsters who were passionate with playing online games. Some still had their backpacks on as they beat the electronic drums over there.

It was a public area on the first floor, kind of like those big public gaming places back in China.

Only this kind of place was carefully operated in Tokyo. Even those people who were giving out the flyers were all wearing uniforms that cosplayed characters from Japanese cartoons. There were really really kawaii girls who had white fox tails on, winking at you, making both boys and girls happy and carefree.

This was a whole new world for Xue Yaoyao, and she was excited to see everything here.

This place was extremely busy. There was a whole raw of dancing machines, and there were two people who were battling on one, each of their movements looking very handsome.

People only took a look at Fu Jiu and her people, before lifting their eyebrows slightly and thinking—Chinese?

A middle-aged man like Secretary Liang who was wearing a neat Western suit didn’t fit in at all, so he coughed heavily and continued to lead them on. “Not here on the first floor, the training location is on the sixth floor.”

Baby Feng, the year-round nerdy youngster, stared at Secretary Liang with questioning eyes, as if he were saying: You sure about this place? How can we train at such a busy place with people passing through all the time?

Secretary Liang pushed his glasses up. “Vice President chose the location. I believe in his taste. He must have his reasons.”

“Wha-wha-what reason?” Feng Shang stuttered more severely with more people around.

Secretary Liang: …How would I know! I’m just a secretary who is in charge of business meeting issues, how would I know anything about online gaming for Christ’s sake!

“The reason is that this kind of place is perfect for training reflexes and finger speed.” Fu Jiu said as she glanced at the dancing machines on her left, the lights reflected in her eyes. “And we can come down here for some relaxation and get rid of some pressure when we become tired from training. The dancing machines are for physical coordination and reflexes. There is a game called Star Light, which is similar to the game Rhythm Master. You hit the cubes in time with the music, but when you get to higher levels you will realize that your hands can’t catch up with your eyes, and sometimes even your eyes can’t catch up. Therefore, it’s really good for training your finger speed and eyes.”

Not only Feng Shang, but even Secretary Liang was profoundly impressed while listening. Then, when he got his senses back, he said assuredly. “That’s right, young master Jiu just told everyone the reason why we chose this place.”

Players: …You sure you really knew about this?

Secretary Liang didn’t have time to be embarrassed, so he led the people onwards.

Lin Feng tilted his head slightly. “Little Spade, we didn’t figure out Feng Yi’s reason, so how did you do it? And why are you so familiar with this place? This is the first time that I heard these places can help with players’ finger speeds!”

“Well, when you play enough, you know enough.” Fu Jiu curled her lips up into a smile. “Ask Secretary Liang here. He knows that I’m a good student who loves learning.”