Chapter 271 - Will Boss Turn Gay?

Chapter 271: Will Boss Turn Gay?

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The other players heard this and turned to look at Secretary Liang.

Secretary Liang shook his head with a smile on his face. “I wasn’t really familiar with young master Fu before, so I’m not really clear about this matter.”

The players were disappointed, and they went to look at other things.

Secretary Liang just didn’t want to talk about Fu Jiu’s “glorious” past.

Furthermore, he only knew that this deserted young master Fu really liked to go to night clubs. How would he expect “him” to enjoy coming to locations like this with such a deep purpose… Finger speed training?

He wasn’t sure why, but Secretary Liang believed that Fu Jiu realized something and intentionally said this to him.

After a second thought, he doubted himself. A high school kid shouldn’t be this observing and detailed, right?

A scheming smile was brewing on the corner of Fu Jiu’s mouth. She laughed as she passed by Secretary Liang and said, “Secretary Liang, let’s be honest, you are very worried that I will turn Brother Mo gay, aren’t you?”

Her voice was so low that no one would be able to hear her in such a noisy place.

Not to mention the rest the players all had their attention on different game machines.

Secretary Liang was a calm person, but right now he couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked. He managed to not show it on his face, and said gently and amiably, “Young Master Jiu, you are overthinking.”

“Oh, then I will share a room with Brother Mo tonight!” Fu Jiu enjoyed teaching people like Secretary Liang so much. “Brother Mo really spoils me a lot, don’t you think so?”

Secretary Liang: …Why are you talking like a spoiled housewife to a rich man in front of me! Can we just be friendly to each other!

He took a deep breath. “Young master Jiu, Boss Qin treats you like his little brother. He is the only child in the Qin family. He used to play by himself as he grew up, so that’s why he wants to be close and friendly with you.”

“Is that right?” Fu Jiu nodded. “I shall believe you for now.”

Secretary Liang: …For now…

“But you don’t need to worry too much. Nobody can turn someone like Brother Mo gay.” Fu Jiu had one hand in her pocket, and she sounded very calm. “He’s for sure the one on top. I’m not so silly as to sacrifice myself, so you don’t need to separate me and him every time. I don’t want you to be escorted to some deserted mountainous area to work if Brother Mo become angry with you.”

The last bit of what she said was the important part.

Secretary Liang was flipping out inside. He could only think of one thing right now: what was wrong with kids today?!

It was fine that he was always pressured by Boss Qin, because after all, Boss Qin was above him and had such an innate powerful presence.

But now even a high school kid was trying to control him!

Most importantly, that young man had a point! And he couldn’t say anything back to him!

“Each floor is a different world here.” Lin Feng didn’t hear Fu Jiu and Secretary Liang’s conversation. He bumped the young man in the shoulder. “Little Spade, we’re gonna be on the sixth floor soon. Trust me, you won’t see those cold game machines there, you will only see those Kali girls, especially their captain, Ice Beauty Liuli. Have you heard of her? She is exactly like her name. She has a great temperament, a beautiful face, and is FILTHY RICH! Her family owns an entertainment company. She’s still young, a freshman, but she’s a master player, as well as a master beauty. She’s even prettier than those stars. She has the most male fans in Hero, but since this little miss doesn’t need money, she rarely does live streaming, just like the captain. She’s very reserved and aloof. You’ll know what I mean when you see her, but you’ll only be able to watch her from afar, after all…”

After Lin Feng spoke up to this point, he looked at the straight back of the person who was walking in the very front for a second, and continued. “You should understand.”