Chapter 272 - Thanks for the Reply, Nitey-night

Chapter 272: Thanks for the Reply, Nitey-night

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Fu Jiu was smart. After she heard this, she lifted her beautiful eyebrows. She knew what Lin Feng meant when he said, “You should understand.” She laughed out loud, “That Ice Beauty is in love with Brother Mo?”

Lin Feng vigorously nodded, acting like the two of them were good brothers, “I figured this out on my own, so zip it! Don’t tell anyone else. I’m not 100% sure yet, but that Ice Beauty smiles every time when she sees captain.”

Fu Jiu: …This is called a woman in love! What else could it be…

“I figured this out, am I clever or what?” Lin Feng lowered his voice. “Now you know who you should follow in this team. Little Spade, you don’t need to worry about a thing later on if you just follow me.”

Fu Jiu looked at him and said seriously. “If you could tell, others could definitely tell too, so what is there to be so proud of?”

Lin Feng: …

Fu Jiu didn’t continue to talk to the shocked Lin Feng, but she really did feel like this was more like a blind dating event rather than a friendly competition now.

She suspected that this friendly competition was arranged by big manager Feng just to stimulate the players’ motivation

For example, boys worked harder in front of girls and would try their best to play more handsomely. It was the same principle.

No wonder people called him Old Fox, he could even think of this kind of thing…

“Oh! Brother Feng! Brother Tiger! Captain! Finally!”

As soon as they got to the sixth floor, they saw no girls, just one human figure throwing himself at them.

That person was COCO. Who else would it be? He arrived a long time ago and had directly come here.

“I will never attend the all-star contest again, I want to be with you guys! Fight together!”

Fatty was there too, but he was different from COCO. He was rather excited and said to Fu Jiu, “I got the computers ready, let’s have a PK! How on earth did you avoid my attack last time and poison me at the same time? That was bad-as*!”

Fu Jiu didn’t expect that Fatty would be this excited when they met each other again.

Fatty was a passionate hacker, so he was very dedicated to this subject, “Ah, also, what’s your ranking here? How did I…”

“Fatty.” Qin Mo spoke up and coldly interrupted him in the middle of his sentence. “You want a whole week of veggie diet again?”

Fatty instantly shut up.

At the same time, even COCO sat up straighter.

Boss Qin seemed like he wasn’t happy…

Those eyes were exuding a frosty and austere air.


Fatty and COCO looked to the players at the same time for an answer.

Everyone replied with their eyes at the same time like they had planned it — we don’t freaking know.

The atmosphere on site was, without a good reason, frozen.

A round of laughter broke the ice with perfect timing. “COCO, I asked you to welcome everyone, so why are you here chit-chatting?”

As the voice faded, more than seven long-legged beauties appeared over there. Each of them was wearing a pure red, uniquely made uniform matched with a short skirt and knee-high boots, looking extremely stunning!

The one who was talking looked the most elegant and powerful, but she was not the prettiest one of them all.

The most beautiful one was standing in the middle. Her long black hair fell over the sides of her dainty face. She looked inexplicably refreshing, and she was smiling at Qin Mo.