Chapter 273 - You Don't Belong Here

Chapter 273: You Don’t Belong Here

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Fu Jiu curled her lips up. This should be that was the beauty, Liuli, that Lin Feng had talked about.

The beauty led all the pretty girls behind her as she walked over to them. What a vision!

Most of the Supreme Alliance players were men.

When these men saw this many girls at once, they naturally felt overwhelmed.

Each one of them looked so pure and young—some were looking away, while some were posing coolly.

These men made all the pretty girls from that team laugh.

“Hm? There’s a girl on the team?” One Kali member looked at Xue Yaoyao with her round, cute, and watery eyes.

Xue Yaoyao was about to say something.

That girl continued, in a rather bratty and naughty manner, “COCO, you liar, you said there were no girls on the team team.”

“That was before.” COCO usually did all the shows and live broadcasting outside, so many people knew him. It was normal to encounter friends who wanted to join the Supreme Alliance.

But even he didn’t know the captain’s recruiting standards, so he could only use this kind of excuse to kindly reject people.

After all, her purpose was more than obvious. Her goal wasn’t to join the Supreme Alliance, she just wanted to be closer to captain, that was all.

In order to not to freeze to death from his captain’s coldness, he definitely couldn’t say yes to their requests, even if they were popular.

Secretary Liang smiled and said, “Miss Xiaotong, the Supreme Alliance welcomes all master players.”

“Then, who is this…” The cute girl named Xiaotong looked at Xue Yaoyao, laughed, and said reluctantly, “Beauty? Master player?”

Xue Yaoyao was bit embarrassed. Others might not be able to tell, but being as a girl, she could tell that the pause that the girl had while she was speaking had a deeper meaning to it.

“My name is Lin Xiaotong, and my game name is Highness TongXiao, you should have heard of me already.” Ling Xiaotong reached her hand out, looked like she very amicably wanted to shake Xue Yaoyao’s hand.

Before the Supreme Alliance people arrived, they had already figured out this year’s situation.

There was a gay guy from the Fu family and a very fat girl. She was quite famous at No.1 Middle School. She came from a poor family, loved stealing, and didn’t like to shower.

Lin Xiaotong hated Xue Yaoyao from almost the very first moment she laid eyes on her.

This kind of person doesn’t belong in the Supreme Alliance!

She’s simply dragging all the professional players down with her!

Lin Xiaotong waited with a smile on her face for Xue Yaoyao to reach out first. She and the Kali girls all looked sweet and innocent.

Xue Yaoyao had been through a lot. She knew the tricks that these kinds of pretty girls would play. Some battles between girls, boys would never understand.

Even though she knew that the other party was belittling her by raising herself up, Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to make a fuss with others at this time. This would leave rumors behind for people to twist, and she would be left with a fussy and ugly image.

Xue Yaoyao tightened her right hand, but just as she was about to move, someone was faster and reached her hand out.

“My bad, I only know about the Supreme Alliance, and don’t really know about other teams.”

It was Fu Jiu. Her silver hair and her dark eyes, always giving out that blinding glow, seemed to be able to conquer all difficulties even though they appeared rather gentle.

At this moment, her smiling lips carried unnoticeable coldness.

The young man held Lin Xiaotong’s hand. His face was so handsome and youthful.

Lin Xiaotong paused. “Only heard of the Supreme Alliance?”

Fu Jiu was still smiling. “Yeah, the Supreme Alliance is very famous.”

Which means that you think that Kali is not?

Lin Xiaotong narrowed her eyes instantly!