Chapter 274 - Secret Battle

Chapter 274: Secret Battle

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Kali Team had two really genuine girls, and they had no idea what the people over here were talking about.

Lin Xiaotong appeared to be small and sweet. She considered herself very thoughtful and understanding, but in fact, once there was a conflict, she instantly thought that it was other people’s fault.

This kind of person would never realize that it was her who crossed boundaries, causing a conflict.

“OMG, I’m so sorry that Kali is not famous enough for you.” Lin Xiaotong said peculiarly, then added. “It’s just that, young master Fu, you really should watch your behavior so that you can match the real Supreme Alliance standard. As a Supreme Alliance player, you should really think before you talk.”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “I thought it through very clearly, which is why I have a question to ask Secretary Liang.”

The youth’s eyes moved to the side as she said, “Is this really our Supreme Alliance’s partner team?”

Secretary Liang realized that something was not right over there.

He couldn’t only worry helplessly. He thought, Lin Xiaotong you really messed with the wrong person, why Fu Jiu?!

Secretary Liang always dealt with crises in a calm and peaceful manner. “Let’s go inside first and save the greetings for later.”

Since he said that, Fu Jiu would certainly give face to old Liang.

Secretary Liang: …Since when did I become old Liang?!

But Ling Xiaotong wasn’t letting it go. “What do you mean if we are partner teams? Young master Fu, don’t you wanna elaborate?”

At this point, those Supreme Alliance tough guys finally sensed the hostility between them, and they all looked at Fu Jiu.

Are you guys… fighting?

Fu Jiu stopped her steps, looking sullen. “Miss Lin, you are not important enough to receive my explanation. If you really want one, you could explain your own actions first. Xue Yaoyao is my teammate, I don’t care what your opinion of her is, I need you to remember this. If you mess with her, you mess with me.”

“You!” Lin Xiaotong wanted to say more.

The beautiful Liuli next to her reached her hand out and pressed down on her wrist. “Xiaotong, you really need a filter, otherwise people would misunderstand you all the time. Watch it next time, Supreme Alliance is an old acquaintance. We are friends, don’t cause misunderstandings to form between us because of this.”

After she said that and she looked at Fu Jiu, sounding like a well-mannered lady. “Young master Fu, I apologize for Xiaotong. Conflicts are normal between two teams. Now that the Supreme Alliance has new members, we need time to get familiar with each other. This little girl is just not happy about not getting into Supreme Alliance, that’s all. She felt like it was unfair after seeing you guys being accepted on the team.”

While Liuli was speaking, she nodded to Xiaotong with a smile, and looked very gentle and soft.

Xue Yaoyao heard these words and pulled on Fu Jiu’s clothes, trying to communicate to not create more troubles.

Fu Jiu looked to the side and saw that chubby face, instantly thinking of He Honghua, her mother.

If not for Yaoyao, Wuyao, and Feng Shang, they could never win the selection contest.

No one could belittle her own people. That was her unshakeable principle.

“So, jealousy is what it is.” Fu Jiu laughed and looked at Lin Xiaotong. “Then it explains everything.”

Lin Xiaotong firmly pinched her own hand, but she couldn’t do anything to Fu Jiu. She just wanted to find a weak person to bully and show her power, but she didn’t expect that she herself would be the one who was beaten!