Chapter 275 - Are They Good Matches?

Chapter 275: Are They Good Matches?

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Liuli was good at conducting herself. Moreover, she didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity to approach this man that only occurred once a year, so she certainly would not allow anything else to affect it. With her body turned to the left, she said, “Let’s go inside. The scale of this year’s competition is bigger than it was in previous years. Sakura Stream is also in there training. We fought with them three days ago, but to be honest, we were beaten badly. Their fighting force has more than doubled, and they are totally different compared to last year. Now every minute and every second is important for you guys, so we’d better start training and take our time going through the training period.

As she spoke, the focus of the members of the Supreme Alliance easily turned to the fighting force of the Sakura Stream Squad.

Their original playful attitudes disappeared and they became serious, no longer thinking about the friction just now.

The training room was not just a rigid office space equipped with a few computers, meant only for the team members to constantly practice their skills.

If it were just like that, the team members might as well stay at Jiang City rather than specially flying to Tokyo.

The training room here was more like a very extensive “Internet cafe”.

No, it wasn’t, it was not completely correct to call it an internet cafe.

It was filled with numerous computers with countless people sitting there.

But these was a fundamental difference between these people and the ordinary people who played games in internet cafes.

They were professional players from many places around Tokyo, and they would come here to relax every time they wanted to play games.

In other words, every person you met here was a professional player.

Every professional player had a different ways of playing, so it would be efficient for the Supreme Alliance to train here and figure out how to play when facing different teams at the national competition.

“How is it?” While saying this, Liu Li tilted her head towards Qin Mo with a soft smile on her lips, “Don’t you want to play games when you see it?”

With one hand in his trouser pocket, Qin Mo didn’t say anything, but his eyes fell upon the youngster standing not far away.

With a lollipop in his mouth, Fu Jiu stood next to Xue Yaoyao with a look of indifference on his face, but for this reason it appeared that the youngster was protecting the people around him.

Qin Mo’s eyes glazed over and his fingers tightened into a fist.

Liu Li had paid so much attention to Qin Mo, so she naturally noticed his line of sight. She followed his eyes and found out that he was looking at Fu Jiu. Her beautiful eyebrows couldn’t help but arch a little, and she said with a smile, “I’ve heard that Spade Z is very excellent and I do know some people from Fu family, but I didn’t expect that he would be Spade Z. Anyway, the attack force of the Supreme Alliance would be stronger with his participation. But I also heard that he hasn’t been trained professionally,

“No,” Qin Mo replied this time. His voice was calm and his side profile still looked very handsome.

Liu Li smiled lightly, “I am eager to compete with a person who has been recognized by Almighty Qin. It is clear that he is loyal and kind to his friends. The chubby girl by his side should be happy.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo’s gaze returned and focused on the Liu Li’s face.

Liu Li smiled even more sweetly, without even the slightest icy aura of an ice-queen.

Members from the Supreme Alliance or Kali all looked at this scene out of the side of their eyes with pictures forming in their brains.’

“What a good match our team leader and Almighty Qin are!”

“If I lost to a woman like the team leader, I’d willingly give up.”