Chapter 276 - Handsome Highness Jiu

Chapter 276: Handsome Highness Jiu

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Xue Yaoyao didn’t think so.

She had seen a state of complete relaxation from Almighty Qin, but it was not like that.

It was in the badminton court. When he pinched the chin of the youngster with a smile, there was something in his eyes that couldn’t be expressed in words.

Although it might not be called affection, it was obvious that Almighty Qin was different when he stayed with Highness Jiu.

But of course she wouldn’t speak out.

Because it would make people embarrassed once something was said out loud.

Although she was from a small family, she knew it was not good to put the things she personally believed on someone else.

While imagination was allowed, problems should not be caused to others.

Secretary Liang knew best what was actually happening, and he knew that Boss Qin didn’t like to be coupled with anybody, so he said immediately, “Please try out the computers and see if they fit you. If not, I will rearrange it.”

Formal words like this would naturally make the Kali members become quiet.

“Come on, shall we play a few rounds?” Lin Feng zipped up his coat and was ready to go into battle.

Other people followed and handed their backpacks to Secretary Liang.

Members of the Kali Squad smiled at each other and sat by each member’s side respectively.

The input method shown on the computer was Japanese, which needed to be switched.

Xue Yaoyao had no chances to come in contact with Japanese before, so when she laid her hands on the keyboard, she didn’t know what to do.

Three or four members from Kali saw this but they had no intentions of helping her. Instead, they entered the game, talking and smiling.

In general, girls were the most suitable to help girls.

Xue Yaoyao generally knew that they wouldn’t help her.

From afar, it wasn’t easy to tell how being fat and poor would affect how other people treated you.

She bowed her head and tried to play the keyboard, but she was still struggling.

At this moment, everyone heard a sound of someone pulling a chair out.

Fu Jiu stood up and walked to the seat next to Xue Yaoyao, then pointed to the girl who was still laughing, “Please change your seat.”

Members from Kali Squad also liked the Fu Jiu’s face. The girl’s cheeks went red and she said coquettishly, “Do I have to change my seat? I like here.”

Fu Jiu smiled and leaned forward suddenly, with one hand leaning against two seat backs and her thin lips in a crooked smile, she said into the left ear of the girl, “You have to change.”

This was an extremely familiar action to Qin Mo, but this time, the reflection in his eyes was completely cold.

That girl became dizzy after receiving such flirting in return and she didn’t know why she gave up so easily when she sat down again.

But Spade Z was so handsome, who wasn’t like a gay at all as others said.

The girl changed her seat but still smiled sweetly at Fu Jiu, her chin resting on her hands.

This scene was naturally seen by people around them.

Lin Feng whistled teasingly, “My Z, you’re so cool, did you always chase after girls like this?”

“How could it be.” Fu Jiu was telling the truth.

But no one trusted her.

Lin Feng tapped on the keyboard, which was only meant to remind her to teach him a few backup tricks when they entered the game later.

Fu Jiu blinked and nodded with a smile.

Qin Mo had headphones over his black hair. Seeing the youngster sit next to him, he turned his fine-featured handsome face back. He thought that the youngster got closer to him, so his eyes finally recovered some warmth.

However, what the youngster did next froze his sight and made his face fall.