Chapter 277 - KO All Around

Chapter 277: KO All Around

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The first thing Fu Jiu sat down to do was not to touch her own computer, but to turn her body. Inclining her head to a certain degree, she held the mouse near the Xue Yaoyao’s hand, and said with a soft voice, “I would rather help you directly download the one that Chinese people use than make you master the input method here.”

The hand speed of Fu Jiu was really fast. Even in this position, she could decipher and switch the code without a problem.

After the program was installed, she then pressed enter. There was the Chinese input method that they were familiar with.

Not every key would be used in the game, so the Japanese above didn’t need to be understood.

You just inputted the account code, entered the game, and operated it without any problems.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the screen in front of her and was amazed that Highness Jiu would unexpectedly notice her.

The youngster had already sat up straight and put on her headphones, “If you have any problems, tell me.”

Xue Yaoyao said, “En.” She was also ready to fight.

This was really a good place to improve your own strength. Xue Yaoyao had her own thoughts.

Highness Jiu shielded her shortcomings, which she completely recognized.

It was just because of this that she wanted to make herself become stronger.

She didn’t want today’s situation to happen again, or to let Highness Jiu stick up for her.

Highness Jiu also had her own problems.

If there came a day where it was possible, she really wanted to help Highness Jiu.

But am I strong? And what qualifications do I have?

Sometimes, even Xue Yaoyao herself didn’t know that that under the influence of Fu Jiu, her thoughts had changed.

Be good to your parents, even if you were upset by some unkindness outside.

Be a little stronger, then you would have the qualifications to say that you are a useful person.

Fu Jiu was really very good to Xue Yaoyao. This had nothing to do with Xue Yaoyao herself, but because Fu Jiu herself wanted to be good to this girl.

Thoughtful, kind, faithful.

Well, faithful.

Fulfilling the former two was fairly easy, but the last one was less and less common nowadays.

Once it didn’t fit your heart, faith would be easily betrayed.

Too many people would do that…

Early on, Xue Yaoyao had passed the uniform to her in order to cover the blood behind her.

Fu Jiu just knew in her heart this person was worth teaching.

She clearly knew that too many people liked her now because she wore men’s clothes.

Once she went back to wearing women’s clothes, she would probably face lots of questions and hate.

But Xueyaoyao didn’t ask anything, she just accompanied her, walking silently.

True support had never needed any inquiries.

Liang Chaowei loved Liu Jialing in this way.

The love between friends should be like this too.

But such an scene in other people’s eyes would become something else.

After all, Fu Jiu wore men’s clothes right now. The behavior of turning her head to speak to Xue Yaoyao every time would make people feel like they were very intimate.

Qin Mo turned his eyes and looked at them. He rarely put his complete concentration on the computer screen.

One-on-one ranking match.

The person on the other side didn’t know Chinese characters either. He rattled off a string of Japanese words to input into the computer, which basically said, “Why did you stand so long without starting to play? If you don’t start, I’ll kill you until last blood and then leave.”

He had never thought that after he sent out the words, he would just see a burst of silver light blooming, which made him KO directly in the game without even moving his hand.

One move?

Killed in one move?

The professional player was a little dazed, and he took a look at the computer, which really didn’t show that this was a top Tokyo player.