Chapter 278 - Goodnight

Chapter 278: Goodnight

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Since when did Chinese online gamers become so powerful?

That professional player felt a little suspicious, and wanted to confirm the identity of the player on the other side. After all, some people in Tokyo also use Chinese names.

But, unexpectedly, just at this moment, he heard “bang” sound!

The person next to him slammed down hard on the keyboard and said a sentence in Japanese, “Are you kidding me? Such fast speed? You don’t even give me any time to react. And a Chinese name!”

As soon as the professional player heard that, he turned to the side and had looked at at the other player’s computer.

Another Chinese person again. He couldn’t read the name, and could only read the codename, “Z?”

This was the way that Fu Jiu played games. If he played 1V1, then he must want to quickly kill the other side.

What Liuli didn’t understand was why the man sitting beside her played in a way that was different from before?

Languid, aristocratic and unhurried. What happened to him?

The coldness from Qin Mo’s eyes had already been transmitted into the game through his operation of his mouse and keyboard.

Just when the players of the Supreme Alliance tried hard to eliminate one player and were planning on eliminating the second, they saw the name of their captain on the Japanese ranking board.

On the ranking board?!

Though it was the 1V1 ranking, but how did you make the professional players who came here every day in the past feel!

Besides… What the hell were you doing, Spade Z ? Are you crazy? You’re just one rank behind the captain!

Lin Feng turned his head and took a look. Then he knocked at the earphones to let Fu Jiu listen to his voice.

As Fu Jiu played the game, she didn’t forget to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong with you and the captain? Are you going to drive people crazy?” Lin Feng lowered his voice, “Please leave some face for me in front of the girls. Don’t be too handsome, or else later how could I still show my face?”

Fu Jiu just smiled slightly, “I do play games fast. I will slow down later.”

“Actually you can forget about it today, but what about the captain?” Lin Feng let out a long sigh, “His style is not like this normally. So was the girl stimulation method also suitable for the captain? Or was it Liuli’s beauty that also convinced the captain?”

Hearing these words, Fu Jiu turned his head and looked at his empty left side.

Qin Mo waved the mouse in his hand, with his left hand sliding back and forth across the keyboard and his fingertips quickly tapping the keys. People couldn’t even clearly see his movements.

This was the first time that Fu Jiu had seen the Almighty play games in such a serious way in person.

So handsome.

His fingers were also good-looking.

No wonder so many people wanted to watch the Almighty’s live streams.

Professional players really were different.

Let alone his evil-like beautiful face, no matter the occasion, he gave people an indescribable impression of nobility.

The place where the two captains sat was also different from theirs. There was a one person gap between them, which was a distinctive feature for every team captain.

Maybe he played so devotedly that his black forehead hair dropped over his face, following the man’s movements. So cool.

Fu Jiu couldn’t help but double-take, but suddenly encountered the eyes of other people sitting next to Qin Mo.

That was not strange. After all, from the time Qin Mo started to play until now, Liuli didn’t start a round in-game, and instead looked at the man who sat beside her all this time.

Because only in this moment would the obsession in her eyes not be discovered by others.

But what she didn’t expect was that the youngster also turned his head around.

So when the two people’s eyes met, Liuli also didn’t know why she thought that this sight was a little unpleasant to look at…