Chapter 279 - Fu Jiu Knew Clearly in Her Heart

Chapter 279: Fu Jiu Knew Clearly in Her Heart

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Liuli couldn’t help but slightly raise her eyebrows.

More often than not, the people’s instinctive reactions were the most real.

At that moment, she didn’t control her own mood. The dislike in her eyes was clearly conveyed to the youth.

Fu Jiu lifted up her eyebrows and took a look at Liuli with great interest.

That look made Liuli react quickly. Her expression right now was not correct. She laughed immediately with a little shyness, as if the fact that she loved Almighty Qin secretly was seen through, but nothing else.

This kind of girl was very smart, and she would not let anyone see through her.

But Fu Jiu was reborn. She had come in contact with so many people. Plus, they were both women.

Women understood the subtleties between themselves.

She was almost sure that this captain Liuli actually was not as generous in handling affairs as others had said. Instead, she didn’t like herself, and even felt disgusted. But she behaved pretty generously in public.

Fu Jiu retracted her gaze and focused her eyes on the game character she was operating.

This partner team was not actually friendly to them.

When she said ‘them,’ she was not referring to the Supreme Alliance.

But to her and Xue Yaoyao…

If the captain was like this, then players were the same.

Thinking about it, Fu Jiu lifted her hands. Facing the game, she carried out a ruthless killing.

No matter how the other party looked at them, they’d better keep their thoughts in their mind and not take any action.

Otherwise, she would not save face for anyone.

She herself was a girl, so she didn’t need to have compassion for women.

As time passed slowly, nobody noticed such a short period of eye contact.

Secretary Liang sat behind Qin Mo. All his attention was focused on Qin Mo’s left hand.

There were still injuries on Qin Mo’s hands, so he couldn’t play like this for long, especially because today Boss Qin’s attack was so active… Why was he playing like this?

Secretary Liang couldn’t figure it out, but he was watching the time. It was almost one hour. He stopped them right away, worrying about the endurance of Qin Mo’s left hand.

But Lin Feng and others didn’t enjoy themselves to the fullest, all turning their heads to look back.

Secretary Liang laughed slightly, “It’s already 5 o’clock. The two teams managed to meet each other, so let’s have dinner together. I have already arranged the restaurant. Miss Liu, this way, please.”

Of course, the guests took precedence outside.

Girls all liked this kind of treatment. They all logged out of the game and stood up.

The Supreme Alliance also became hungry, wanting to eat meat rather than the simple meals on the plane. They put away their belonging and withdrew quickly.

When Sakura Stream Squad received the news and came to the location, there were no Chinese people in the training area.

The only thing left was the effect caused by Qin Mo and Fu Jiu.

“Too awesome!”

“Is that the team from China?”

“It should be, we just don’t know which row they’re sitting at?”

The teams of Tokyo were still searching, only to see the Sakura Stream Squad come in, wearing their warsuits.

In Tokyo, the Sakura Stream Squad’s influence was as big as the Supreme Alliance’s was in Jiang City.

So when they came in, the rest of the teams all felt shocked.

“Sakura Stream Squad, why did they appear here?”

“Don’t know. But they seem to be so strong, completely different from us!”