Chapter 28 - Qin Mo, About to Find Him!

Chapter 28: Qin Mo, About to Find Him!

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“Among… these… students?!”

COCO and Fatty could not help but look at each other. Their eyes were filled with shock!

First, the six students were extremely ordinary.

One of them was a gay who used to chase after CEO Qin.

Could this kind of person be Spade Z?

Qin Mo raised his eyes. In the misty smoke, that handsome face was looming. “Why are you surprised? Didn’t I say before that Spade Z was a student?”

“But CEO Qin, why are you so sure that one of these six people is Spade Z?” Fatty still didn’t get it.

Qin Mo glanced at the news page and got straight to the point with one sentence. “Because only a victim would seek justice.”

Fatty was stunned and suddenly enlightened!

If Spade Z was among them, then the search range shrank a lot more.

Because only four of them were boys.

Spade Z didn’t register his gender.

But from his style of doing things, he was most likely a guy…

That night, at the Fu residence.

Fu Jiu took out the USB. As soon as she went downstairs, she heard He Honghua on the phone. She was very loud and seemed to be arguing with someone.

Obviously, the result wasn’t very satisfying.

Otherwise, He Honghua wouldn’t have dropped her hand and fallen into a daze looking in one particular direction.

Seeing Fu Jiu walking over, He Honghua forced a smile on her face. “Come, sit down. Mum cooked you your favorite pig’s feet, and I put in chilies and potatoes!”

“Madam woke up at 3 a.m. to cook for Young Master, slowly boiling it on low heat.” The maid walked over with tea. “You can eat up in a bit, it must be so delicious and tender.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu put her arm around He Honghua’s shoulder. “Thanks, Mum.”

“No need to thank your own mother for that.” He Honghua blushed, becoming a little shy. “Go on, you are too old to hug your mum like this!” Although she was saying that, she couldn’t hide her happiness.

However, at that moment the phone on the coffee table started to ring again, again, and again. It was too jarring to listen to.

He Honghua checked the incoming call, and her smile faded. She wanted to prevent Fu Jiu from seeing it.

Fu Jiu was a clever girl. She didn’t wait for He Honghua to ask. She instantly knew what was happening from her mum’s look and handed over a cup of tea. She said in a low voice, “Mum, answer it. No matter what, I will be here with you.”

Empowered by these words from her own daughter, He Honghua felt an unknown power surge from within. She reached her hand out and swiped on her phone. “Hello. You tell them that, I, He Honghua, didn’t owe them anything during the past year. Now that the gaming contest is coming up, they want to leave? Do they even have a conscience?! 100,000 per person? Du Ze, you are really being a voracious tiger!”

“Boss He, I was talking to you in such a peaceful manner. Look at you now, why are you acting this way?” Du Ze sounded like he was deliberately angering her. “Luckily, I left early enough and followed Sister Qing. Once a peasant, forever a peasant. Really, you’ve always been short-sighted. Boss He, let me, Du Ze, give you some advice. Since you once helped me, get a divorce with Boss Fu as soon as possible; what qualifications do you, a fat village aunt, have to compete with Sister Qing?”


He Honghua hung up on the phone and flung it away. Her chest was heaving up and down heavily, and there was a multitude of emotions in her eyes.

She was both angry and sad; it was also difficult to calm her fury.

After that, she realized that Fu Jiu was looking at her, so she instantly said, “The pig’s feet should be ready, let me get you some.”

Fu Jiu grabbed He Honghua’s arm. Her voice was deep. “Mum, what happened at the company?”