Chapter 280 - The Tokyo Hospitality

Chapter 280: The Tokyo Hospitality

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“Must be great, I heard that they already got into the national contest as the regional champion!”

“Ah! I saw that match, the old players didn’t even compete. They won so brilliantly with only new players. The Sakura Stream Squad really has unfathomable depths this year.”

“I also heard that they overshadowed China completely in that friendly match, because that Chinese team is an all-girl team… You guys should understand what I’m saying.”

Everyone was talking over each other, discussing really passionately.

The Sakura Stream Squad’s captain wasn’t paying attention. He just glanced over and asked the person next to him. “I heard they had two players who are really good at playing ranking matches, is that correct?”

“Indeed!” That Tokyo man got all excited and even the tone of his voice rose. “But they are not here anymore, so you can’t see them in game.”

Sakura Stream Squad players head this and frowned. “What a pity!”

They had looked forward to seeing who on earth were capable of threatening the Tokyo battle team.

The Sakura Stream Squad arranged three friendly matches this time.

They already completed the first one.

There were two more.

One of the teams up to complete with them was the No. 1 China team.

Therefore, Sakura Stream Squad thought the one had just arrived was the Xiang Nan Team.

They didn’t have the Supreme Alliance in their eyes at all. No matter how modest these Japanese players acted, arrogance was in their blood.

In their eyes, only the No. 1 team was qualified to compete with them.

Even though they knew that their captain had lost to one of the Supreme Alliance members before.

So what?

In the competition, there were the Singles, then the Pairs, and finally the Team contest.

They were only unsure about the Singles.

For the rest of the two rounds, the Supreme Alliance wasn’t even on the same level as them.

Not to mention the fact that their captain had already become the most valuable gaming player in all of Tokyo. No matter if it was on the basis of hand speed or techniques, he had risen to a completely different level.

Even if the other party had beat their captain once, now they were no longer a threat to their captain…

“The Xiang Nan people must have arrived earlier.” As the vice-captain talked, he laughed, looking quite handsome. “Let’s get ready to compete.”

Sakura Stream Squad captain calmly agreed with an “en” sound, and led the whole team out of the training location.

“Captain Yamauchi.” Three players who were standing there spoke up. One of them was casually resting his hand on another’s shoulder. “We need to improve our finger speed more, you guys go first.”

Yamauchi turned around and glanced at the new player king that they had just recruited this year. He lowered his voice and said, “Shuji, don’t create trouble.”

“How would I even do that!” Shuji smiled unhurriedly.

All the Tokyo teams indeed loved to practice their finger speed here.

Therefore, Yamiuchi didn’t stop his players.

Once the team left, Shuji changed his attitude.

This person was vicious. During the ranking contest, you could see the evilness inside of him.

Tokyo was their territory, so how could he even let the Chinese players who knew nothing steal the limelight?

So what if they left?

They were coming back eventually!

I shall wait here.

And give those Chinese people a good lesson when they are back!

In fact, the Supreme Alliance people didn’t leave…

Secretary Liang was someone really good with arranging time. Far in advance before they came here, he had reserved a Chinese restaurant closeby, so that they could continue to train more after.