Chapter 281 - Upsetting Speeches

Chapter 281: Upsetting Speeches

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No matter what kind of person Liuli was, she had one thing right.

The most important thing for the Supreme Alliance right now was time.

Because on this team, there were four new members, and they had never played as a team before.

With this situation, it was as if they didn’t even change their lineup.

If they each want to completely unleash their power, they needed to fuse together as a team.

But time was tight.

The Qin Group had set the selection contest for this purpose, to gain time to fuse the team.

But no one expected that the Qin Group would cancel the selection results at last second.

Even Secretary Liang didn’t understand why Boss Qin made that decision, let alone people from outside.

Feng Yi agreed with this, and praised. “A team needs to break up first in order to stand back up as one. The Supreme Alliance has been set up for so long, and it’s time for some surprises.”

Surprises indeed, the opponents didn’t have enough resources to analyze the new players.

But still, for the team to work together as one was a really big deal…

Secretary Liang saw all the benefits and flaws as he had been there all this time…

As someone from a professional gaming team, he knew this all too well.

After the dishes were served, the Kali members started laughing, and pretended to accidentally say to Fu Jiu, “We saw your last match. It was really great, but those people were inexperienced. Either they were all distracted by your first trick in disguise, otherwise there’s no way they would be completely powerless in front of a new player. They were too distracted. Great North was great, he took on the attacks from the other team all by himself for so long. With such a big god as your teammate, no wonder you became the champion so easily!”

Which was to say, the victory in the new player selection contest, was all Yin Wuyao’s doing. They insinuated that Fu Jiu was only good at arranging and planning, and that was based on the fact that the opponents that she was facing were all inexperienced.

Fu Jiu heard their true meaning. She curled her thin lips and put a chunk of meat in her mouth, before saying profoundly, “You’re right, it was easy.”

Yin Wuyao raised his eyebrows. He was already rather old, and he had encountered so much betrayal in his previous career. In fact, he didn’t like the invisible waves of battling between players.

Some of them somehow had this weird habit of saying things in roundabout ways instead of expressing it directly. They had to belittle you while pretending to praise you.

What kind of existence this young man was, only he knew the best.

If not for Spade Z, he would never even join the professional league again.

He really didn’t understand how these Kali people’s imaginations worked. They even believed that they were correct about it.

Nobody thought about all those useless things like they did.

And plus, was it even necessary to prove Spade Z’s power anymore?

99 FCs in Zone C, except for Qin Mo, nobody else could do it!

Those women were really blind.

You needs operation to be able to completely wipe out another team with a new account.

Yin Wuyao had planned on hooking up with some girls before he left the hotel, but now, looking those brainless faces, he wasn’t interested at all.

He finally understood why his captain had asked Secretary Liang, “Are you sure this is our ally?”

Guys usually didn’t bother to measure things in words.

But what they just said was too upsetting…2