Chapter 282 - Xue Yaoyao's Outburst

Chapter 282: Xue Yaoyao’s Outburst

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Their hostility had an obvious target.

The two team had known each other for a long time, so they wouldn’t mind a little teasing.

Therefore, Supreme Alliance people didn’t notice the hidden hostility in those words.

This had nothing to do with intelligence.

It was just that under this kind of situation covered by passion and friendship, only the target herself would notice the sense of being made an outcast.

And those who had been through so much with Fu Jiu, they noticed too.

Even if it was not so obvious, they could still sense a little bit.

“Right, what about Xue Yaoyao? Is she professionally trained?” A girl who was sitting next to Xue Yaoyao moved closer and lowered her voice, saying to her in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Let me teach you after dinner. You’ve been playing amateur matches for so long, so you must not be familiar with the teamwork of a professional team. You still need to pay attention to some things. We are partner teams, so you can ask me whatever, we all know about your family’s financial status.”

There was nothing particularly wrong with those words.

But that girl added. “Later on, if you like anything, just let us know. But remember one thing, we don’t like for people to touch our things without being notified, so please don’t bring your bad habits from school to here.”


Xue Yaoyao stood up abruptly.

The others didn’t know what was going on. They only saw that her face was all red and she was grinding her teeth. “What do you mean by that?”

Xue Yaoyao was trying so hard to persuade herself not to confront them directly even if they were playing their little tricks on her.

Because she didn’t want to give Highness Jiu trouble by confronting those girls.

Even if they called her ugly, she would take it.

She was already used to that kind of bullying at school.

But, the other party pushed her buttons. She couldn’t bear for people to try to portray her as a thief!

That person was basically saying, “You are poor, we will give you things that you like out of mercy, but don’t steal!”

Xue Yaoyao thought that after that interview, the truth was already out.

But sometimes, things didn’t work like that.

You couldn’t change some small-minded people’s opinions on you.

It was only because she was poor that those rich kids always carried their biased opinions about her.

The thing that Xue Yaoyao regretted most was that she had returned the thing that she had found to its owner.

That owner was just like this pretty girl in front of her. She had basically said, “You liked my stuff so you stole it. You are giving it back to me only because you were afraid that people would find out about it.”

Why were there so many small-minded people in this world?

Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand it. She always compressed her emotions and her anger had reached an extreme, and now it was all unleashed.

Everyone in the restaurant looked in her direction with deep disapproval.

The Supreme Alliance people were all so confused.

After all, nobody heard what Xue Yaoyao and that girl had said.

Xue Yaoyao saw those eyes on her and unconsciously tightened her fists.

Perhaps in most people’s eyes, she had become a poor, ugly, and uneducated person now.

But, she didn’t give a single damn about it right now, because she couldn’t bear it any longer…