Chapter 283 - Lord Jiu Is Angry

Chapter 283: Lord Jiu Is Angry

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That Kali beauty who was sitting next to Xue Yaoyao looked like she was shocked. She shrank her shoulders in with a scared appearance.

She was a petite girl and she talked like a little bird. Now, with her shrinking in on herself, she made it look like it was Xue Yaoyao who was creating trouble.

Nobody knew exactly what was going on.

This time, aside from tha girl who was sitting next to Xue Yaoyao, there was nobody else nearby.

It was a long rectangular table. They were eating Japanese-style Chinese cuisine, so they each had their own set of food. Therefore, all the boys sat on the opposite side, including Fu Jiu and Feng Shang.

Feng Shang knew something bad must have happened. His first reaction was to pull on Xue Yaoyao’s hand and make her sit down first.

She did, but her face didn’t look any less unhappy.

Even Feng Shang could feel that her fingers were trembling from holding in her rage.

Feng Shang wasn’t exactly an observant person, but one thing he knew was that if it wasn’t for something really unfair, nobody would be angry like this.

He even could feel her feelings at that moment, so he wanted to ask Xue Yaoyao what had happened.

However, before he could speak up, that pretty girl next to them had welled up with tears already. “Did… Did I say anything wrong? If I made you feel bad by talking about your family situation, than I apologize. But I meant well and wanted to teach you to play games. It’s not just me, everyone in a professional team knows that when someone without good training goes to a national contest, they would easily fail in formation teamwork. I told you all that just because I knew your team so well, and I don’t want the Supreme Alliance to go backwards because of this…”

Lin Xiaotong looked upset and dragged that pretty girl to the side, before saying to Xue Yaoyao coldly, “What did we do wrong? You can reject our help, but you can’t shout at us, what is wrong with you new Supreme Alliance people?”

Xue Yaoyao was furious. She looked at that pretty girl, thinking that she really wasn’t her competition. Who knew that she could be so good at faking it and flipping the truth upside down!

She took a long, deep breath, and knew it was no use to say no more.

She wasn’t an actress, and she didn’t have the good and innocent look the other party had.

But she still managed to say one sentence with her teeth clenched. “My family situation is not for you to talk about, and don’t blackmail me!”

“Blackmailing?” That pretty girl widened her eyes and looked all innocent.

Liuli pulled on her hand and pretended to educate her. “Yaoyao is different from us. She lives in a different environment, watch your wording.” As she was saying that, she smiled at Yaoyao, “I didn’t expect that Yaoyao is such a sensitive girl. You are right, your family situation is not for us to talk about. But Yaoyao, people don’t always talk with evil intent, You really should control your temper, everyone is looking at us with you being so loud.”

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t say anything back to this perfect speech.

Now she finally knew that this little girl, who pretended to be innocent after mocking her, wasn’t the most scheming one at all.

It was this Kali captain in front of her — the beautiful Liuli.

She completely twisted the whole thing into another shape.

Xue Yaoyao was depressed, and her hands dropped down.

But at this time, Fu Jiu stood up with one hand in the pocket, and looked at the one who was pretending to cry. She curled her lips and said, “I’m a newbie, too, so how about you teach me some tricks?”