Chapter 284 - One-on-one Training Match

Chapter 284: One-on-one Training Match

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As soon as Fu Jiu said that, everyone turned completely silent.

Secretary Liang was going to say something else, but now he was speechless. Fu Jiu’s sudden strong energy shocked him and made him stop his legs that were about to move forward.

That pretty girl with slightly red eyes tightened her hands, tilted her head, and looked at her team members and her captain.

Liuli looked up and met the silver-haired young man’s eyes. She had an active mind and talked elegantly. “Anyhow, it shouldn’t be considered teaching. Supreme Alliance and Kali had been partner teams for so long, it would hurt our friendship by defining things in that way.”

The Supreme Alliance people still didn’t know what was happening — maybe this is why they said boys were from Mars?

All they could tell was that Yaoyao was very pissed. The rest was a blur.

Liuli was right, competition would really hurt their friendship at this time.

COCO reached out and tugged at Fu Jiu, asking her to sit down and deal with the rest later.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes slowly. She wasn’t letting it go.

Liuli smiled and wanted to say more.

But at this time, a deep, strong voice came from the opposite side. “Didn’t you guys say that winning the selection contest wasn’t because of him, and he’s not good enough? Then, teach him.”

Nobody expected that Qin Mo would speak up at this time.

Even Secretary Liang couldn’t help but look at their CEO.

COCO was even more confused by his captain’s action.

Captain was smart enough to know htat a competition would hurt these two teams’ friendship at this time.

Liuli was stunned. She couldn’t believe that those words came from that distinguished face, which was as handsome as ever.

Usually, this man would leave this kind of drama alone, but this time…

Qin Mo didn’t say anything more. He just sat back languidly, while still carrying his huge presence. He was serious about it.

Lin Xiaotong’s understanding of literature and language wasn’t good. Adding on the fact that Qin Mo sounded calm, she completely misunderstood the situation and began laughing in her heart.

This deserted young master Fu, even the big god thinks he is not good enough and needs some training!

Seems like Almighty Qin had already had enough of this legendary new player king “Spade Z”!

He was so full of himself and always took that fat, ugly pig with him at his side, protecting her over and over again.

Lin Xiaotong laughed coldly — he really thinks he owns Supreme Alliance?

Now, Almighty Qin spoke up.

They were even more outrageous!

At this moment, Lin Xiaotong and that crying Gui Gui looked at each other.

Gui Gui smiled shyly. “Since Almighty Qin appoves, then I shall teach him a round. Friendship comes first, competition comes second. If I win, please don’t mind, young master Fu.”

“Sure.” Fu Jiu was looking at Qin Mo as she said that.

Qin Mo didn’t show anything special on his face. He had that Japanese tea cup in his hand, acting extremely elegant and cold.

One-on-one ranking match.

The closest spot to do this was the training place.

The team players all sat down in their designated seats, and logged in to watch the game.

The Supreme Alliance people had mixed feelings about this.

The Kali girls were feeling weird about today’s atmosphere too.

Lin Xiaotong and Gui Gui weren’t such people.

Was it that Xue Yaoyao and Fu Jiu were too loathsome?

Otherwise, those Kali members really couldn’t figure out why their girls would accept a match like this…