Chapter 285 - Friendly Match Not So Friendly

Chapter 285: Friendly Match Not So Friendly

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The Kali girls had full confidence in Gui Gui’s ability.

Gui Gui was one of the first official team members of Kali. She was not only famous in Jiang City, she also had a great number of fans all over the country.

In contrast to her sweet appearance, she attacked fiercely and had sharp operations.

This Spade Z only became the FC King when he was playing non-professional games and cooperating with his friends.

Weak opponents mede Spade Z seem so strong.

In fact, there were so many just like him in the country. He was nothing special.

The Kali girls had their own way of thinking.

Therefore, to them, this sudden match indeed seemed like a teaching session from Gui Gui to Fu Jiu.

However, they didn’t expect that the moment the silver-hair young man put his headphones on, he completely changed into another person.

No more tempting smiles brewed in her shiny eyes. Instead, there was only endless darkness.

So persistent and craving for blood.

Gui Gui didn’t make any detailed plans. She thought she only needed to be more careful with playing with a new player.

Even if he was a FC King, she had far more experience in professional contests.

In a one-on-one competition, nobody would be there to act as his blade now.

Spade Z wouldn’t even be able to hang on for five minutes with his own attacking power!

Gui Gui was already waiting for the final countdown in the game.

“Game on!” As soon as COCO typed these words out, they only saw that game character with the Spade Z directly throw a dazzling strike out!

Gui Gui docked subconsciously, wanting to avoid it.

Hmph, such an amateur move!

Gui Gui operated her character, turned around, and laughed mockingly.

However, to her utter surprise, at that moment, a pure black human shadow appeared on her left side where it was previously empty!

Gui Gui’s eyes widened!

What is it?

When did he get here?

How come I didn’t notice at all?

He could still attack after releasing such a dazzling strike?!

Gui Gui never saw this kind of attack combo at all!

Spade Z… How fast is his finger speed?!

It wasn’t just Gui Gui, all the audience members on site and those Kali girls were all completely shocked with their hands frozen on their mouses!


Fu Jiu’s long fingers were still dancing on her keyboard. She swung that sword in a fluid motion in time with the clicking sounds of the keyboard.

A blinding flash devoured the whole screen. Showers of blood burst right out of Gui Gui’s character, and like that, her HP was half gone!

That was not the most important thing.

The most surprising thing was that at the same time, Fu Jiu could still free her hand and type, “I will kill you slowly to get the other half of your HP. I’m attacking your right side now.”

Gui Gui subconsciously wanted to defend as soon as she saw those words.

But actions could never catch up with thoughts.

Before she could defend, there was one more wound on her body, and her HP dropped another half.

At this time, nobody understood why Fu Jiu stopped.

They all looked at the young man. “He” wasn’t attacking, and was instead holding that lollipop in her mouth. She had her mouse in one hand and had a naughty smile on her face.

“Go get healed!” Lin Xiaotong couldn’t help but shout out, reminding that Gui Gui who was still in a daze from getting cut down so ruthlessly.

According to the rules, Xiaotong was breaking the match regulations.

Fu Jiu didn’t say anything about that, and just allowed her character to quietly stand there.