Chapter 286 - Killing Kali Girl Slowly

Chapter 286: Killing Kali Girl Slowly

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Gui Gui couldn’t manage anything else right now. Her mission was to not die, so she healed herself as soon as possible.

But the moment her HP bar was refilled, Fu Jiu hit the keyboard, made a beautiful movement, slightly moved her mouse, and released an ultimate strike.

In a short minute, Gui Gui’s HP dropped another half again!

Lin Xiaotong was watching from the side, and she slammed down on the table!

“Left side, he’s weak on the left side!”

The audience could see what the players couldn’t see.

With this off-site information, Gui Gui raised her sword, swinging it towards Spade Z.

But at the last second, that person was still in front of her…

The next second, with a swift swing, like an ancient kung fu master, he showed up quietly behind her out of nowhere.

Fu Jiu laughed lightly, and swung her sword down.

Gui Gui only had 1/10 of her HP left now.

Just like before, at this time, Fu Jiu stopped again. Her black outfit looked icy cold, and she stood straight and tall like a jade statue.

Gui Gui continued to heal herself.

Then history just repeated for the third time.

Not only her, everyone who was watching knew what was going on!

Spade Z was doing this on purpose!

She was giving her time to heal herself on purpose, and drained her HP after that, again and again. Spade Z was killing her slowly just like “he” said!

Thirty minutes, thirty minutes had passed since they started.

Spade Z still didn’t want to take the last drop of her blood.

In these thirty minutes, she was the most miserable she had even been in her life, and she felt the deep insults she had never felt before.

And every time, when Spade Z attacked her, “he” would let her know his position beforehand.

And what? She still couldn’t block Spade Z’s attack!

Liuli couldn’t take this anymore. She went to Secretary Liang. “Secretary Liang, it’s getting late. It’s no good to play further like this for both of our teams.”

Secretary Liang wasn’t in the position to decide. It all depended on Boss Qin’s will if they would stop in the middle of a match.

But Qin Mo had his eyes on his long fingers all this time like he didn’t see anything, with his beautiful and regal face turned away.

When Secretary Liang saw this, his heart made a “ge-deng” sound uncontrollably.

Boss Qin was ready to make enemies with them before he said yes to this match?

Secretary Liang worked for Qin Mo for a long time now. He knew very well when he attacked, he attacked lethally.

He wasn’t letting the Kali girls teach young master Fu, he was… clearly, letting young master give them a lesson!

Boss Qin… This is not how you should spoil your little brother…

However, the Kali people couldn’t see through Almighty Qin’s way of doing things…

Lin Xiaotong couldn’t bear this anymore. In between healing, she switched computers with Gui Gui.

“You, You!” Feng Shang didn’t expect the other party to be this shameless. Giving off-site information was one thing, now they were even switching people to play!

Everyone knew that you got tired as you played.

If you switched, this meant Fu Jiu needed to face a whole new attacking power.

But nobody would expect that, even so, Fu Jiu still curled her lips up into a bloodthirsty smile.

That tricky attitude was just like when she was hacking into the Internet.

Fu Jiu’s silver hair dropped over her headphones. Her side profile looked very fair and pretty as she moved the mouse in her hand in front of the computer!

Intensive, beautiful silver lights came out in streams all at once.

Lin Xiaotong had just touched the mouse, when those two big letters were already on the screen — “K.O.!”