Chapter 287 - Almighty Qin Keeps Fu Jiu Under His Wings

Chapter 287: Almighty Qin Keeps Fu Jiu Under His Wings

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It hadn’t even been a minute.

Lin Xiaotong, who was playing for Gui Gui and who ready to take on another round, was terminated in a single second!

Not only were all the Kali girls shocked, the Supreme Alliance members were too.

After all, that finger speed was out of this world!

Lin Xiaotong was facing a screen full of dazzling light in front of her.

As the last stream of silver light faded away, her game character dropped down hard on the ground, completely dead.

Ling Xiaotong simply didn’t know how to deal with this result. She tightened her grip on the mouse in her hand, wanting to squeeze it.

The Kali girls were goddesses in all gamers’ hearts.

How could they ever learn to deal with such humiliation?

After her slaughter, Fu Jiu typed and sent four words over with a smile.

Those words…

Stunned all the Kali girls…

“Thanks for the teaching.”

What a solid slap to their faces!

After all, they asked to teach Fu Jiu at the beginning…


How could the Kali girls anticipate such a result.

Gui Gui, who was tortured by Fu Jiu over and over again, couldn’t even focus her eyes.

Lin Xiaotong was still angry.

But so what if she was still angry?

That “thanks for the teaching” message was still in front of them, and forced them to shut their mouths with their rage kept inside!

Those girls were looking for help from those Supreme Alliance boys. They wanted to get some benefits from being pretty, and wanted them to say something on their behalf to Spade Z…

Saying something like it meant nothing to brag about winning over ladies as a man…

But Qin Mo stood up at this time, slid one hand in his pocket, and said slowly and carelessly, “Don’t ever try to teach my players later.”

After that, Qin Mo looked at the young man. “You’re supposed to leave when you are done with game. Why are you still sitting there?”

Fu Jiu laughed out loud. “Yes, captain!”

The Kali girls were still in shock.

They thought that Almighty Qin agreed to this only because he wanted a friendly match.

And… Captain Liuli…


Almighty Qin protected Fu Jiu in a way that was far too obvious.

Adding on how coldly those words were said, this could be counted as a rather serious warning from Almighty Qin.

Liuli herself didn’t understand. She stood up. “Almighty Qin, my players meant well.”

“If they meant well, it was for the other party to judge, not you guys,” Qin Mo laughed with cold eyes. “No matter if it is Z or Yaoyao, they are all my players. Even if they were not suitable to stay in Supreme Alliance, it was not for you guys to say, and if you did, you should get ready to be treated like enemies by me, their captain.”

The last sentence that landed left the Kali girls’ ears ringing.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t expect that Almighty Qin would talk on her behalf.

She thought… She thought that Almighty Qin didn’t like her.

In fact, Almighty Qin’s eyes couldn’t lie. When he looked at her, he didn’t look friendly at all.

But what was this then…

He said, “You should get ready to be treated like enemies by me, their captain.”

Xue Yaoyao finally understood why so many people would become fans of Almighty Qin and trust him without a reason.

Because this person was really domineering, like a true leader.

In that moment, she found that Almighty Qin and His Highness Jiu had so much in common!

No wonder those two would be attracted to each other.

It had nothing to do with appearance.

Rather, these two shared the exact same beautiful values in on life!

The charisma that they both carried naturally mutually attracted one another…