Chapter 288 - Almighty Qin Only Has Eyes for One Person

Chapter 288: Almighty Qin Only Has Eyes for One Person

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Fu Jiu walked over until she was face to face with Qin Mo, and put a bright smile on her face. “As a new member, I didn’t lose brother Qin’s face, did I?”

Qin Mo smiled, too, and pulled the young man over with one hand by his collar. He said in a deep tone, “Stop flirting, you need more training to have more than just finger speed.”

As he talked, Qin Mo looked over at those two Kali girls. “You should thank them for so kindly being your training dummies.”

Training dummies?

Did Almighty Qin just used “ladder players”?

Even though Lin Xiaotong’s understanding of language and literature was quite little, she could still figure out what it meant after combining everything.

Almighty Qin did all of this on purpose.

From the very beginning to the very end…

“Didn’t I just say ‘thanks for the teaching’? But…” Fu Jiu held her hands together. “I have a little regret about the swing just now. I should’ve drained her HP even more slowly, just like Brother Mo did last time on the livestream to teach that person a lesson. It seems like depriving others’ HP little by little also requires a lot of technical skill. Oh well, compared to Brother Mo, my murderous spirit is too strong!”

After hearing this, there was nothing left in Gui Gui and Lin Xiaotong’s hearts but hatred, pure hatred!

Lin Feng touched his nose, wondering why this guy still hadn’t had enough fun. He was even regretting that his moves weren’t perfect enough.

Qin Mo looked into the young man’s eyes. “Don’t use your killing desire in real life. In game, kill however many you want to.”

Fu Jiu laughed and didn’t say anything more.

It seemed that in the future, she needed to hide some of her hidden thoughts better.

But, being a hacker, she didn’t really enjoy killing people.

It was just that the other party had pushed her buttons again and again, testing her limits again and again.

She knew Xue Yaoyao too well. This girl was taking it all in from the very beginning.

If not for something major, she wouldn’t completely burst out like that.

People tended to look at things only on the surface level. Even she did that sometimes.

But countless times, Fu Jiu saw He Honghua in Xue Yaoyao.

They were both persistent, loyal, and righteous.

Why did people belittle them for being poor and fat?

This kind of injustice almost killed He Honghua, that woman who always did good deeds and loved her more than her own life — her mother.

Fu Jiu would never allow such things to happen to Yaoyao.

Not to mention, she was one of her people, and her people didn’t take sh*t from anyone!

Now, Liuli knew she made a huge mistake.

She shouldn’t have indulged her players and allowed them to express their hostility as freely as they wanted.

That man was smarter than anyone.

He must have seen something…

Liuli was worried. The connection that she had been building for the whole year was ruined just like that all at once!

She needed to find a way out for both teams even if it meant sacrificing her one interests.

“It’s my players’ fault!” Liuli turned and said to Fu Jiu. “Young master Fu deserves to be the king of all new players, and Miss Yaoyao was brilliant too. I apologize for my players being so rude and reckless. I look forward to seeing your performance in the national contest!”

Lin Xiaotong was still angry, even more than Gui Gui, but after hearing what her captain said, she had no other choice but to bury her hatred deep down in her heart.

Because she knew well, that if they made enemies with the Supreme Alliance, it would do them no good at all.

However, Qin Mo didn’t buy in to these excuses.

Well, rather than not accepting it, he was simply not giving a damn about it, because all of his attention was on that young man.

When Liuli saw that man’s face, her hand, which was covered by her sleeves, tightened into fists from jealousy…