Chapter 289 - Almighty Qin's Interaction

Chapter 289: Almighty Qin’s Interaction

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“What are you looking at now?”

The youth’s gesture of turning his head was too obvious.

Of course it would attract Almighty Qin’s attention.

Fu Jiu looked back and said, “Why do I always feel like someone’s staring at us all the time?”

“Good instinct.” Qin Mo’s tone was very mild, sounding just like a normal big brother praising his little one.

Fu Jiu felt happy receiving his approval and was about to voice more of her thoughts.

But Almighty Qin set a trap in his next sentence. “How did you establish such great instincts? In your ivory tower school?”

She really couldn’t let her guard down for a second with Almighty Qin.

Fu Jiu let out a long sigh, before handsomely winking her left eye. “Yup, in my ivory tower school, the teachers at No. 1 Middle School loved to crane their necks to peek from the back door. That gave me my superb instincts. Brother Mo, you were a top student. You would never be able to understand an academic scum’s life, and how we use our special instincts to escape teachers’ eyes to text and read novels during class while still being able to notice everything around us to keep our cells and books safe. Who likes to be called in for an office meeting with the lovely teachers, right?”

Qin Mo heard the young man’s explanation and his eyes became slightly less piercing.

Fu Jiu knew that her excuses had convinced Almighty Qin a little bit.

However, Almighty Qin was always unexpectedly blunt. “You sound experienced. Exactly how many times were you called for an office chat?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She thought wrong…

Big God didn’t become any happier with her.

“It’s late.” Qin Mo glanced at the clock on the wall and said to his players who were still in shock. “Let’s get back to the hotel now, we have more to do tomorrow.”

“Hah? Ah, yes, captain!”

Lin Feng and others reacted half a beat slower than usual.

After all, Captain and Little Spade’s conversations always felt a bit weird.

It was like only the two of them would understand, everyone else would be so confused.

And… Captain really treated little Spade differently!

Since Qin Mo said they were leaving, Liuli couldn’t ask them to stay for any longer.

She tried so hard to keep that smile on her face as she walked the Supreme Alliance out.

But when Fu Jiu walked to that machine at the door, something tripped her midstep.

If not for her fast reflexes and high agility, she would have fallen flat on the floor.

Qin Mo walked in front of Fu Jiu, heard the noise and backed up instantly. He pulled the young man to his left side, while his icy eyes landed on the culprit on the right side.

That Tokyo guy was handsome in a rather vicious way. He had headphones on, and his hair was pure blond. His deep eyes had heavy dark circles under them.

This was what happened when you had totally opposite sleep schedules from normal people.

He reached his leg out on purpose.

From his posture, it was clear that he was simply creating trouble. “Team from China?”

He spoke Japanese.

Not all the players understood.

But Qin Mo and Fu Jiu did.

That man stood up and looked at Fu Jiu. “You did well just now. Oh right, I forgot, you don’t understand Japanese… Boss, come translate for me.”

“No need.” Fu Jiu’s voice was calm. “I can understand.”

She spoke fluent Japanese with an authentic Tokyo accent. That surprised the Tokyo man and he laughed out loud evilly. “Perfect then. You’re from Xiang Nan, right? I’m from Sakura Stream Squad. Let’s see who is the real new player king is before the contest, shall we?”