Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Young Master, Stop Kidding! How Could You Know How to Play Games?

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He Honghua paused and didn’t say anything.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and looked at Chen Xiaodong, who obviously knew the answer. “You tell me what’s going on.”

Without elaborating, she looked exactly like that Young Master who woke up that day in the hospital.

Chen Xiaodong was shocked and words spilled uncontrollably out of his mouth, “It must be the tricks of the Three!”

Fu Jiu tilted her head. “Explain more.”

Chen Xiaodong walked up. “Young Master, nowadays, e-gaming competitions are quite big events in Jiang City. They are led by Qin Corporation. Each year, they select some people from the companies under them to join their team. Not only do they need to be gaming masters, they also need to be very young so that they can attract more money. Madam thought that this could be a good opportunity and found some good gamers from various schools. She provided them with accommodations and meals and trained them for a whole year, just so they can participate in this year’s contest. As long as they can stand out in this contest, they will be selected by Qin Corporation and become contracted professional contestants. When that happens, Madam will be able to reap a huge profit, but at this crucial time, the Three, along with their manager poached away the most talented contestants we have. Now, we only have some average contestants, and they will definitely be eliminated from the contest. By then, the company will not only lose the money we’ve invested during the past year, but our business license too. The Three did this on purpose! Madam had been able to turn this around, but later, you were expelled. The Three told the company partners that…”

“What did they say?” Fu Jiu said in an indifferent tone, indicating for him to continue.

Chen Xiaodong looked at He Honghua hesitantly. At last, he caved in and said, “They said Young Master was into guys and wouldn’t accomplish anything in the future. After hearing that, they decided to withdraw their investments… Madam can’t maintain the company anymore!”

When Fu Jiu heard this, her eyes darkened. Even her silver hair had a bone-chillingly cold aura.

He Honghua hurriedly added, “Don’t listen to Xiaodong, we can always come up with a solution. Your mother’s not one to be messed with, right? Don’t worry, Mum will be able to support you with the best food and drinks no matter what!”

“Mum.” Fu Jiu lifted her gaze up and smiled. “You’re wrong, I should be the one supporting you with the best things. Isn’t it just playing games? I can do that too.”

He Honghua laughed out loud with a unique brightness, “Mum knows you can play games. Plants vs. Zombies, right? Enough, electronic gaming contests are different. Come, let’s eat first, Mum still needs to go to Huai City after dinner…”

Yet, at that moment, unbeknown to He Honghua, Fu Jiu meant what she said. She really could play games.

After that meal, Chen Xiaodong was called in by Fu Jiu. “Come over here.”

Chen Xiaodong didn’t know what was going on. Whenever his young master spoke with such laziness, he felt chills run down his spine.

“Young Master, you called for me?”

Fu Jiu closed the gaming magazine in her lap and leaned back. Her silver hair cascaded down as she said with inexplicable evilness, “Give me the list of the company’s contestants.”

When he heard this, Chen Xiaodong looked around and whispered, “Young Master, I was gonna say, you only played games for a couple of days because of Young Master Qin. Forget about the gaming contest; that is for gaming masters. Yes, Young Master Qin will be there on that day, but that has nothing to do with a rookie like you. Only those who win will be able to see him. Seriously, Young Master, you’ve only been quiet for several days, don’t cook up trouble again…”