Chapter 290 - Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Verbal Teaming Up

Chapter 290: Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Verbal Teaming Up

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That sort of attitude was clearly meant to be provoking!

Even people like Lin Feng who didn’t understand Japanese could tell that this person didn’t come to make friends and go out for ice cream with them.

The Kali girls screamed out. “Shu-Shuji!”

“Shuji?” Lin Feng paused. “You are saying that this is the guy who has the most potential to be the new player super king and replace the old captain from Sakura Stream Squad?”

Liuli’s eyes were filled with worry. “That’s right, it’s him. I just don’t understand why he’s here? Sakura Stream Squad should be training at this time, and this person is tough to deal with. Sakura Stream Squad’s Captain Yamaguchi didn’t even play in the friendly matches. We only won a singles match, and in the rest, we were all beaten flat by them, mainly because of this Shuji. Spade Z does have amazing finger speed, but that’s not enough to beat this man.”

Feng Shang overheard this from the side, and subconsciously looked to his idol.

Fu Jiu half curled her lips up, while Qin Mo still looked regal and cold.

Shuji saw no reaction from these two and laughed viciously. “What? Chickening out?”

Fu Jiu looked at him, slid her hand in her pocket, and said carelessly. “Not that, just not interested.”

The more careless she sounded, the more ferocious and sharp the depths of Shuji’s eyes became.

As the most highly rated new player king in Tokyo, Shuji had never encountered anyone this interesting before.

To be clear, when he said ‘interesting’, he didn’t mean it as a compliment. It simply meant that when he killed him in game, it would be more interesting and fun for him.

“Looks like China’s No. 1 is No. 1 in arrogance too, but Xiang Nan is nothing here.” Shuji straightened up and said, “So, take your arrogance back and stop barking like Chinese people always do, because they have no real power.”

After hearing this, all the players at the training site laughed out loud.

Because in their hearts, Chinese people were all just like this.

When they started talking about Chinese people’s weaknesses, they couldn’t stop.

No manners, creating all kinds of jokes when traveling here.

Not to mention in the gaming contests, no creativity at all.

The Supreme Alliance people didn’t know what they were laughing about.

But Liuli knew, and she blushed severely, wanting so badly to leave the building.

Sometimes, even she would feel ashamed for Chinese people.

Especially those old aunties, they acted ridiculously and became such jokes.

All of this, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo both knew well.

But now was not the time to talk about all the previous problems.

As Chinese people, they were indeed humiliated.

Qin Mo came from a military family. After he heard that, he stopped walking and looked back at that Shuji. He said sullenly, “Do you know what you are acting like right now is called someone who is ‘all talk, no action’ back in China?”

Shuji’s expression darkened. He narrowed his eyes and wanted to say something back, but was stopped by Fu Jiu. “Two things.”

“First, ‘all talk, no action’ is called barking back in my place.” Fu Jiu followed up with what Qin Mo had said, and raised one figure to count.

Qin Mo raised two fingers indifferently and added, “Second, we don’t bark, we torture. So what kind of ‘lesson’ are you begging for from us, new player king of the Sakura Stream Squad?”