Chapter 291 - Fu Jiu's Old Friend

Chapter 291: Fu Jiu’s Old Friend

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At that moment…

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu felt a tacit understanding that they had never felt before.

No one else could finish each other’s sentence that flawlessly.


Everyone at the training site looked over at them.

“Are they serious? Teaching Shuji from the Sakura Stream Squad?”

“Are they even capable of doing that?”

“Hard to say, I saw the maneuvering of one of them. They were especially good.”

One of them took his headphones off quietly and looked over, leaning back lazily.

The Hero web page was still on his computer screen, displaying ranking —— 2nd!

He was wearing a white shirt with a cream sweater and looked very gentle and warm. His face was extremely handsome as well.

Those who were training nearby saw his face and were all shocked, wanting to call his name out.

That person pressed his finger to his lips. “Shh,” he whispered with a charming smile.

The training players swallowed his name back inside.

That’s right, the person who was hiding in the crowds was no other than…

The vice captain of the strongest team all of Tokyo —— Hoshino.

He watched the drama happening not far away and smiled.

Shuji was gonna trip up this time.

Better not underestimate anyone from China.

He had many friends from China, and most of them were with Xiang Nan Team.

Last year, when China and Japan were battling one-on-one, Japan won the game, but had to exert great effort.

They would never use the same lenses when examining Chinese players.

Even more importantly, they would never look down upon them.

And, even when fighting, they needed to learn from the fight.

Obviously, Shuji didn’t understand any of that.

Hoshino couldn’t bear to let it go any further. After all, he knew everyone from Xiang Nan, and these were no Xiang Nan members.

But he was curious about exactly what team could exude such immense pressure.

Especially those two…

Hoshino’s eyes landed on those two’s backs. He couldn’t see their faces. He murmured, “Should’ve learnt some Chinese!”

He wasn’t sure if he just missed that person too much, but once he heard that Chinese people had come, he walked right over.

Spade Z.

This name would mislead him into thinking that it was Z.

But on second thought, it was not possible.

If Z would ever give herself a name, she would never add a ‘Spade’ to it.

Maybe he was some admirer of Z.

Nowadays, so many people liked to use Z in their names.

But Z was irreplaceable.

He knew Z better than anyone else did.

They worked on so many cases together. She was wild and would never have a prefix added to her name.

So… he was overthinking it.

Hoshino stood up with his eyes darkened. His hands were in the pockets as he walked in the opposite direction from Fu Jiu and exited.

He should forget about China and Japan issues.

Before the contests begin, he would go back to Fifth Avenue and check it out.

After all, that was where Z usually showed up.

He didn’t believe anyone who said that Z disappeared.

As long as there was injustice in this world, Z would always be there, forever.

It just was not the time yet.

When some interesting case came around again, Z would show up again!

However, it was Hoshino’s own understanding of Z that totally tripped himself up.

If it was the Z from before, she would indeed never add a prefix to her name.

But this new Z, Fu Jiu, had already changed her fashion of doing things…