Chapter 292 - Fu Jiu One Versus One

Chapter 292: Fu Jiu One Versus One

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Only the player who sat next to Hoshino knew that he left.

Even Fu Jiu didn’t realize that she had just missed her old friend.

That player looked at Hoshino’s back. He was still caught up in the excitement of meeting him in person, and he wanted to tell everyone about it so badly.

In Japan, gaming contests were more respected than they were in China.

In their eyes, playing games professionally was a proper job.

It was just that, when there were a lot of people, there were a lot of different ideologies.

There were many people who believed themselves to be infallible, and would start mocking before they knew the truth of things.

It had nothing to do with what country this person was from. Narrow-minded people all thought alike and they would never realize their lack of depth.

Just like Shuji right now…

After he heard Fu Jiu and Qin Mo, he looked even gloomier. Even his hands were tightened into fists.

“Want to teach me?” Shuji let out a cold laugh and looked at Fu Jiu. “One on one, do you dare?”

Fu Jiu didn’t say anything. She just held her lollipop in her mouth and lifted her eyebrows.

If Hoshino saw Fu Jiu act like this, there was no way he would leave like that.

But alas, he had decided to fly directly back to the States before he saw anything.

Maybe this was what people usually called fate.

However, the situation right now was that Shuji wanted to squeeze this young man in front of him to death, but he changed his mind after thinking again. The viciousness was still in his eyes as he said, “Follow me, I’m tired of Hero, let’s do something new.”

“Don’t,.” Liuli said.

She wasn’t thinking about Fu Jiu. She just didn’t want Qin Mo to lose face if Fu Jiu lost.

Fu Jiu looked to the side at Liuli. She didn’t respond to that and straightened her uniform, following Shuji down.

Shuji wasn’t alone. Those two Sakura Stream Squad people saw this, and followed behind them as well.

The three of them all went to the first floor.

China had lots of public gaming centers like this.

But this one in Tokyo was much bigger.

These machines basically included every type of gaming activity.

Boxing King, dancing machines, drumming machines, Russian Cubes, and more.

“Just don’t cry when you lose, I don’t babysit.” Shuji curled his lips up into a smile and said, “You choose.”

Feng Shang knew Japanese. After he heard this, he said, “This-this-this is totally making things difficult for us!”

All Tokyo people knew these games extremely well, because they always played here when they had time.

Chinese people usually went to internet cafes to play games and didn’t really come to these kinds of places for fun.

It this wasn’t making things difficult for them, then what was?

“What? You were so ballsy with your words before, and now you are chickening out and saying that I’m making it difficult for you?” Shuji had a cold smirk on his face. “I just want you to let you know that you guys should stick to your math questions. Gaming is too high-end for you all, your brains can’t cope.”

“You, you!” Feng Shang was so angry that his fists tightened.

Fu Jiu grabbed his wrist and looked directly into Shuji’s eyes with her black eyes, carrying an equally strong presence. “I don’t mind, I’ll let you pick.”

“Interesting.” Shuji looked to the side. “What about Starlight?”

Fu Jiu looked to the side as well and unzipped her coat, handing it to Feng Shang. Then, she rolled her sleeves up and threw three cold words at him, “Let’s do it.”