Chapter 293 - Fu Jiu Slapping Faces

Chapter 293: Fu Jiu Slapping Faces

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“I’ve never seen a Chinese player stupider than this!” The other two Sakura Stream Squad people spoke up. “He dares to play Stardust with Shuji, doesn’t he know how crazy Shuji is with his finger speed? Those Kali girls competed with us before, they should know!”

Gui Gui and Lin Xiaotong indeed knew about this after competing with Sakura Stream Squad.

But they would not prevent this abandoned young master from jumping into the fire hole.

The Sakura Stream Squad people had perfect timing when they came here to teach Fu Jiu a lesson and let her know that there were so many more masters who were way better that she was.

The gaming machines here were not often played in China.

People who didn’t use these kinds of machines would suck at them.

Those girls were waiting for Shuji to torture Fu Jiu to death by playing these machines.

Girls like Gui Gui and Lin Xiaotong didn’t know what patriotism was.

Selfish people like them would never understand that.

Why did Fu Jiu decide to compete after she had already declined the battle invite?

That was because of what he said insulting her motherland!

Stardust, was a game similar to QQ X5 and Beat Master. It was all about finger speed, and seeing who was faster when hitting the buttons.

The difference was that this was not on a PC or a cell phone, it was on a gaming machine.

Even though some of them didn’t understand Japanese, when they saw Fu Jiu walk to the Stardust machine, they understood what was happening immediately.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but curse. “WTF, competing with his strongest suit?”

Everyone knew how Japanese players were extremely familiar with all these machines here.

Little Spade was being ripped off by competing like this!

Some people were worried and some wanted Fu Jiu to trip up.

Only one person kept his deep eyes on the young man this whole time. His gaze wasn’t purely gentle and soft.

If you were from a military background, you would instantly understand what kind of expression was in his eyes.

Mysterious, firm, and very powerful.

Like the noble Tai Mountain, exuding its unique charm.

He stood right behind Fu Jiu, so that when “he” needed him, “he” could see him by simply turning.

And whenever Fu Jiu turned back, she would smile after seeing him.

Even though, most of the time, this big god didn’t trust her.

Maybe it was because he sensed something about her.

Qin Mo was really smart.

But, weirdly, sometimes…

This big god always looked at her in this calming way.

So many times already.

Like they had always fought together.

This actually felt nice.

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips upwards and put her fingers on the screen of “Stardust”.

Shuji lifted his eyebrows and directly chose the highest level. After he logged in, he chose the fastest song.

People who played this game would know that you needed to be fast with your fingers, as well as your eyes, and have a perfect sense of rhythm.

Game on!

In a simple and ruthless way…

Whoever got the highest score was the one who won!

Sakura Stream Squad players and Gui Gui basically bet on Fu Jiu’s failure.

If this was any other song, maybe Fu Jiu could get a good score.

But with this one… There were so many arrows, and there were even flashes.

Flashes were those blinking arrows, and you needed to hit them in rhythm before they disappeared.

One flash was fine…

But in this song, flashes showed up in all four directions at one time.

Fu Jiu… Heh, you are about to be humiliated!

Lin Xiaotong was taking pleasure in seeing all of this.

She was waiting to see someone’s face of failure.

As soon as she thought about this, she wanted to laugh so badly.

However, in the next second…

She simply wanted to cry!