Chapter 294 - Complete Annihilation

Chapter 294: Complete Annihilation

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When the button sounded, the word “Perfect” showed up on the screen twice at a time!

The more beautiful Fu Jiu’s fingers were, the more accurately the rhythm of her knocked.

Couldn’t understand the flash?

Don’t joke around.

She was thought to be deliberately cheating in the past when she was holding a lollipops in her mouth, playing in the gaming city.

Though she didn’t touch “Starlight” after she was reborn.

It didn’t influence her original performance.

After all, she would play Rhythm Master whenever she felt bored.

But these magnificent operations were beyond words.

There were arrows flashing continuously on the screen, appearing and disappearing.

Even COCO, the cat youngster who was said to play games the most, had his jaw drop when he saw the speed.

Really too fast.

It was so fast that it made people dizzy!

But this… this bent man who confessed to the captain didn’t feel dizzy?

Just in one short second, sixty percent of the song was already “PERFECT,” without even one “MISS”.

Not only did it shock the Supreme Alliance, but also forced those two players from Sakura Stream Squad to open their eyes widely.

“What… what the f**k! How could succh a person exist!”

“Shuji, come on! Don’t stop! Don’t let him exceed you!”

Shuji heard the clamor over there when the sound “PERFECT” came for the hundredth time into his ears.

He closed his eyes while sweat on his forehead spilled over.

That was a sense of oppression that couldn’t be described in words.

He really didn’t understand why the youngster looked harmless but gave people such a sense of suffocation once his fingers touched these gaming devices.

Just as Shuji thought about it, the rhythm on the screen became faster and faster, with its music score becoming more and more complicated.

After his fingers made a mistake, Shuji missed two arrows.

It wasn’t only because he messed up, but because this song itself was so difficult.

Shuji got 90 scores normally. Don’t look down upon 90 scores. This was already considered in the top three scores in all of Tokyo.

The reason why he chose this song was because he wanted the other side to suffer a big defeat.

But what Shuji couldn’t imagine was that the other side… the other side…

Shuji’s fingers froze suddenly and he stopped playing.

Because he heard a huge explosion sound!

That wasn’t to say the game was over. The other side had completely surpassed the record that he had created.

Shuji turned his head with a stiff neck. He had no eyes for his own screen, just blankly stared at the continuous…


Fu Jiu looked like she was completely immersed in the game.

Not only her right hand, but also her left hand was flexible and good-looking.

“Bang, Bang.”

Until the end… with a big “Bang”, the game was over.

As for victory or defeat, it was obvious.

Fu Jiu’s scores were ten times more than Shuji’s!

At that moment, Lin Xiaotong’s expression was worse than ghastly.

Because she thought it was not only Shuji’s face that Fu Jiu had slapped, but also hers. With a burning pain on her face, she felt disgusted and envious.

Nearby, the players of the Supreme Alliance was all shocked.

Lin Feng whispered to Qin Mo, “Captain, how can Spade Z play this?”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything with his noble and handsome side profile. As for why the youngster could play, he felt no need to tell everyone.

Lin Feng still thought that the youngster who was walking up to them was overly handsome.

Especially when he smiled at the captain, exposing with two white tiger teeth, looking youthful and attractive.

How to say it… Too flirtatious…