Chapter 295 - The Almighty Qin Takes Actions

Chapter 295: The Almighty Qin Takes Actions

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However, as the person who was being flirted with, Qin Mo just raised his eyebrows indifferently, and then took the coat from Feng Shang, who looked spellbound. He casually threw the coat to the youngster, “Nice guidance. It’s cold outside. Put it on. We will leave soon.”

After being praised again, Fu Jiu felt very happy. With a lollipop in her mouth, she put the coat on, not caring what Shuji’s expression behind her was.

“Xiang Nan Team, you guys stop!” The two other players from Sakura Stream Squad stopped them from leaving. If today’s issue was spread out, their team’s fame will be destroyed. They had to recover their face!

Fu Jiu turned her head and smiled, slightly ridiculing them, “Who told you that we are from Xiang Nan Team? It seems that the information that Sakura Stream Squad got is actually not very accurate.”

Hearing this, Shuji suddenly came back to earth from his failure. He narrowed his eyes right away, his pupils dilating from shock, “Not from Xiang Nan Team?”

How’s that possible?

Earlier before the contest, he had watched this guy’s hand holding the mouse as he played the game the whole time.

Very skillful. And the most important thing to note was the youngster’s hand speed.

So fast, so beautiful.

After watching the youngster play Starlight.

He increasingly wanted to play a round of Hero with him.

And in the 1V1 ranking contest, he had to play against him!

But in China, wasn’t Xiang Nan the most skillful team?

Then who else could it be?

Thinking of this, Shuji couldn’t help but cry out, “Then exactly what team are you in?”

Fu Jiu didn’t turn her head back, but she raised her left hand, pointing at her back.

On the back of the coat fluttering in the breeze was an all-black symbol, which had bold cursive calligraphy in the middle.

Shuji actually didn’t know the Chinese characters, let alone what team they were, which made his expression cloud over.

After returning to Sakura Stream Squad, he asked one senior who knew Chinese characters and wrote down those two words.

“Supreme Alliance.” That senior smiled. “Isn’t that the other team that we will play against? So strange. Why would you write their name?”

Not replying, Shuji’s eyes deepened and he scratched the paper with his ballpoint pen. He then laughed, voice filled with bloodthirst, “Supreme Alliance? The team that can’t even enter the top three?”

This shame, he must pay it back in person!

Actually, Shuji played Hero better than Starlight.

His competition with Fu Jiu on Starlight was originally meant to look down on Fu Jiu.

Unexpectedly, horses stumbled sometimes.

But it didn’t matter. He would let them know what the real online gaming was!

On the other side, Kali originally agreed to live in the same hotel with the Supreme Alliance.

But suddenly Secretary Liang told them indirectly that their itinerary had some changes and that they would train by themselves.

Hearing this news, Liuli pinched her fingers until they turned white, but still had to wear a slight smile on her face, “Then we will return to our country first. Let’s meet at the national contest later.”

Secretary Liang nodded his head in place of Fu Jiu and sent these people out politely.

With this, Fu Jiu felt much more comfortable. After all, she didn’t like those who played tricks behind her back.

If the other side didn’t leave, she couldn’t guarantee that she would not hack these girls’ computers…

Feng Shang did not think about this too much. There was only one idea in his mind–that he finally could sleep with his idol and climb the ladder in his pajamas!

At 9 PM, he put on the pajamas seriously and laid on the bed, waiting for his idol.

The door opened…