Chapter 296 - Almighty Qin Changes Room

Chapter 296: Almighty Qin Changes Room

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Student Feng was very quick-witted.

What was happening?

What was wrong with this hotel in Tokyo?

Pushing the door open without the customer’s permission?

Feng Shang, who was dressed in his pajamas, complained internally. He didn’t expect that when he drew back his gaze from the bathroom and turned to look back, that he would see Almighty Qin slide one hand into his trouser pocket and walk straight towards him, playing with the room card he shouldn’t have been able to get with the other hand.

Feng Shang: …

He had been relying on the good upbringing of the Qin family.

Before entering the room, shouldn’t he knock on the door first?

The sound of water in the bathroom was still loud, steam heavily billowing.

Fu Jiu didn’t know the situation here either.

From the moment that Qin Mo entered the room, Feng Shang’s hands froze and he acted as well-behaved as a mouse. “Captain… ” It was so late, so why did Almighty Qin come to their room?

“You behaved very well today,” Qin Mo praised suddenly with a mild voice.

Feng Shang heard this and felt very puzzled. What did he do to make Almighty Qin think that he behaved well today?

Student Feng was still puzzled. Qin Mo raised one hand and threw his room card into Feng Shang’s hand, “In order to reward you, I will give the single suite to you.”

Feng Shang looked at the room card in the center of his hand, stared with his round eyes, before mustering up the courage to uneasily contradict him, “I-I don’t want the award.”

He just wanted to sleep with the idol quietly, which Almighty Qin didn’t allow. Was this an award?

“Oh?” Qin Mo curled up his lips, with his beautiful and cold side profile. “Second Young Master, I don’t remember asking for your advice, but know that you can either go out by yourself or let people send you out.”

Every time Feng Shang heard Master Qin call him Second Young Master, his back would stiffen. This time, it was even more serious.

It was not because he didn’t want to sleep with the idol, but mainly because… mainly because… Almighty Qin’s pressure was too strong.

Finally Baby Feng couldn’t resist the frozen atmosphere anymore. He silently picked up his own clothes and walked towards the gate, turning his head to look back three times with each step.

The world was too unfair.

Why did he have to pressure people using force…

Two bodyguards in black also stood by the door.

It was obvious that Almighty Qin was just threatening him!

Baby Feng was really too sad. The pajama party he looked forward to all day was over just like that.

As for Qin Mo, he didn’t feel guilty at all.

After getting rid of the extra person in the room, Qin Mo took the business book and data line out of the hand of bodyguards and let them both exit.

Bodyguards looked at the very poor Student Feng in the corridor and looked at the handsome face of their Boss Qin.

They didn’t discuss the boss.

However, if Boss Qin always acted like this, wasn’t that too shameless?

The main reason that Boss Qin found, the reward… Was such a word suitable to be used here?

Second Young Master Feng was very poor, but even if it had been someone else, they still could not stand Master Qin’s pressure.

It slowly grew later in the night.

In the bathroom, Fu Jiu turned off the shower. After she wound new bandages around her body several times, she put her tank top on, then added a pure white sweater on over it, matching it with brown trousers. She looked very Korean in style, with her silver hair still dripping with water, her high, straight nose, and her thin, smiling lips. Her skin was so white that it looked like you could wring water from it.

She walked out looking like this. Originally, she wanted Baby Feng to get a towel for her. But her fingers paused when she raised her head.

Qin Mo was half-reclining on the bed. His long legs were crossed casually, on which there was a silver laptop resting. His profile was elegant and beautiful and his demeanor was still good. But his uniform and shirt collar was opened, which added an indescribable sex appeal…