Chapter 297 - The Two Are together

Chapter 297: The Two Are together

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At this point, he looked at her with his deep dark eyes. There was an exquisite languidness in his eyes, which could almost hypnotize people.

If the Qin Mo’s fans came in at this time, they would probably be fascinated by the way that their big god looked before he spoke.

He was handsome, but also dangerous.

Seeing him, Fu Jiu curled her lips, “Brother Mo, it is so late now. Why are you here? Where is baby Feng?”

Seeing the flush emerging on the youth’s handsome face due to her shower just now, Qin Mo slightly averted his eyes and replied lightly, “To give you instructions about how to improve your skill while playing games.”

Fu Jiu: …So? Where on earth was baby Feng?

Wait, she had a very bad feeling.

“Until what time will Brother Mo guide me?” Fu Jiu combed her bangs back as her eyes narrowed a little. There was finally no more water dripping from her hair. But it was such an action that made her become even more attractive.

Under the bright lights, a faint halo was outlined around the side profile of the youngster. it was so clean that even the fluffy baby hairs could be seen.

Qin Mo returned his gaze to her. His eyes were so deep and dark that they looked like they were permeated with wine. “Until right before we go to bed. I’ll stay with you tonight,” he added in an indifferent voice.

Hearing this, Fu Jiu was about to say something more when she saw the man sit and wait for her to reply, seeming like he was watching to see what expression she would react with.

What a dangerous man this big god was!

She was most clear about this.

Sometimes the more you wanted to escape, more flaws would be exposed.

Fu Jiu hooked her lips up and pulled a light smile on her face, “That’s very kind of you, Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and directly passed the business notebook in his hand to the youth, who was saying and doing things inconsistent with what he expected.

Looking at her puffed up cheeks, there was an involuntary smile on Qin Mo’s lips.

Fu Jiu was confused, “Brother Mo, it seems that you’re in a good mood.”

“Yes.” Qin Mo didn’t deny it.

Fu Jiu became interested and asked, “Anything interesting? Can you share it with me?” Otherwise the atmosphere in the room was too serious, which would make it more likely for things to go wrong.

“Seeing your depression.” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster casually.


Fu Jiu decisively turned her head. She didn’t say a word, because it would meet the Almighty’s goal if she said anything. She also didn’t be depressed, because this was even more likely to reach the Almighty’s goal.

She was going to play games very brightly and brilliantly!

It really was very bright and brilliant of her.

She rapidly KO-ed one player at the very start.

The player was dumbstruck and only sent one sentence over, “Buddy, why are you so murderous? Can’t we play in a friendly way?”

Never had the Almighty played in a friendly way with her, so she didn’t reply but instead continued to kill.

Fu Jiu sat next to Qin Mo with her long legs crossed.

The single bed in the hotel was usually big enough for two people to sit separately.

After seeing the speed at which the youth KO-ed the other players, the smile on the corner of Qin Mo’s lips became even more prominent.

If Secretary Liang was there, he would definitely crumble.

Master Jiu hadn’t done anything except achieved a faster killing rate, so why did Boss Qin smile so happily!

It wasn’t until Fu Jiu almost reached the fourth person that Almighty Qin began behaving like he was guiding him on how to play games. He stretched out his right hand and put it directly over Fu Jiu’s hand on the mouse. There was an appealing light scent of tobacco from his thin lips as he said, “Here, pull back a little so that you can prevent sneak attacks from behind when you play team games.”

Fu Jiu could feel the deep breath in her ears. Instead of avoiding it, in the same instant it happened, she unleashed a big move!