Chapter 298 - Almighty Qin dotes on Fu Jiu

Chapter 298: Almighty Qin dotes on Fu Jiu

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It couldn’t be left unsaid that Qin Mo’s experience and skill really did make up for some of Fu Jiu’s deficiencies in a short amount of time.

And it was then that Fu Jiu realized that even if her hand speed was fast enough, she would encounter obstacles that the level of her account Spade Z was not high enough to surpass.

In fact, it was something that every team knew.

Even if they admitted that Spade Z was excellent, they didn’t think that they would lose to Spade Z in competitions.

They were professional teams and couldn’t be compared with new players,

it was not so easy to win the national competition.

Qin Mo had discovered the problem at the very beginning, which is why he agreed to kill monsters with Fu Jiu at that time.

Besides the fact that Fu Jiu looked pleasing to his eyes, the other reason was that killing monsters increased your level very quickly.

Certainly, playing ranking games also helped.

In fact, getting results there was very helpful in terms of leveling.

But if they just relied on the current method… they still couldn’t compete with the Xiang Nan Team.

Perceiving that Qin Mo had stopped, Fu Jiu turned her head with her eyes full of doubt.

When her soft silver hair dried, it became fluffy.

When Qin Mo saw the youth look at him like that, his eyes lightened again.

Before competing against the Xiang Nan Team, there was nothing important.

And there were no less than seven gaming contests.

This was enough for his little brother to practice.

He was only responsible for winning the contests.

If the other team members knew that Qin Mo thought like this, they would all spit out blood.

Did they really look like sandbags?

For practice?

Qin Mo had reached a certain level of doting on his little brother.

It had to do with the family upbringing of the Qin Family.

There was nothing else as important as protecting the people on their own side.

“Are you sleepy?” Qin Mo asked the youngster with his eyes flitting towards Fu Jiu.

The man’s voice was deep and sounded attractive, especially late at night.

Fu Jiu shook her head. She slid the mouse and at the same time gestured a number seven towards Qin Mo, which meant that she could compete for seven more games.

Looked at the youngster who worked so hard, Qin Mo’s eyes changed a lot. Actually, there was no need for him to work this hard as his brother…

But before he spoke, the phone next to him rang.

Fu Jiu thought it was about business, so she hinted for him to answer the phone with her eyebrows quirked.

However, Qin Mo himself was very clear that this ringtone, Castle in the Sky, was specially set for somebody.

He stood up and answered the phone, answering in a light voice, “Hello.”

“It took so long for you to answer my phone call, are you in a meeting once again?” The woman on the phone was beautiful, and not only was she beautiful, but also full of maturity and elegance that cannot be described. Whoever saw her would admire her temperament. She deserved to be a popular movie queen, and even at this age, her beauty from inside to out almost intoxicated people. But at this point all of her elegance was replaced by minor grumbling, and acting a little childish, she said, “Did you know that your aunt Wang has had a grandchild?”

“I know.” Qin Mo tilted his head and lit a cigarette.

“Only two words ‘I know’? Who the hell has caused your personality to become like this! Alas!” The beauty was helpless and she heaved a loud sign and said, “I want to have a grandchild too.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo raised his eyebrow and said, “You can ask your Mr. Qin to steal one for you, isn’t he right there?”

“Yes.” The beauty’s eyes lit up, “Do you want to speak to your dad and say something about your online girlfriend?”

“Online girlfriend?” Qin Mo asked indifferently.

Hearing the her son’s tone, the beauty knew that the talk had broke down…