Chapter 299 - Like Puppy Love

Chapter 299: Like Puppy Love

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But so what if their conversation failed?

They had already been so open about it.

She didn’t need to test the waters anymore!

“Son, the Qin family is not that conservative. You like to play games so much, and by now it’s normal to meet someone online. What does she look like? How old is she? From what family? It’s okay if she’s not from one of those families in our circle, as long as you like her, so why don’t you take her home to meet us someday? Your father and I can fly back anytime!”

The beauty said that and pulled on the man who was reading the magazine next to her. “Right?”

That man was completely dressed in a military uniform, and looked very distinguished. “Mm, yes, we can.”

Behind him, an aide-de-camp who was waiting and ready for an urgent departure: …

Qin Mo still had the phone in his hand. Both eyes were fixed on the young man who was playing games in bed. He became a little careless. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“How’s that even possible! Son, you can tell me everything.” The beauty narrowed her eyes. “Even though I’m not as smart as you and your father, but I have the basic intelligence to know that something’s up if you are playing with your phone during meetings. This is completely unlike you. You even use voice messages now, you are totally in a relationship! And you’re acting like a little boy having his first crush. You have never had a girlfriend before, so you don’t know how to deal with this situation very well. You can talk with me, whoever you want to go after, mummy can give you suggestions, right? So, spill!”

Qin Mo took a drag on his cigareete and said lazily. “My beautiful Miss An, if I consider what you know, will I discover that when Secretary Liang follows me around, he is always calling you?”

The beauty was seen through. She lowered her voice and said to the man next to her, “What do I do, our son found out about it!”

“Parents have the right to keep an eye on their son.”

Qin Mo heard his father and lifted his eyebrows.

The beauty heard her husband and instantly regained her confidence. “Son, you are changing the subject! What does this mean, it means that you are hiding things!”

“I did meet someone online.” Qin Mo knew there had to be an end to this, so he simply admitted it. “But, he is a guy.”

“Guy?” The beauty heard this and looked completely disappointed. “Son, are you being serious right now?”

Qin Mo walked back and forth, his left hand in his pocket and his right hand holding the phone. He casually leaned on the headboard and looked down at the young man’s fluffy head. “You can go ask your spy, Secretary Liang.”

The beauty heard this and knew it was over.

Why was it a guy?


“Son, how’s your sleep been recently?”

In fact, this was what the beauty cared about the most.

Qin Mo’s fingers paused and he looked at Fu Jiu. “Not bad, right now I have someone who accompanies me to sleep.”

“Accompanies you to sleep?” Beauty heard this and became utterly shocked, but when she finally reacted enough to ask further…

Qin Mo had already said, “Gotta go mum. Hanging up now.”

Beauty: …I’m so fed up with this! Why is my son always acting like this with me!

But who on earth is that person who can make my son let down his guard?

When business here was finished, she had to go meet that person!

Ever since that incident…

Her son had changed.

Even though it was hard to see from the outside.

She was his mother, and she knew her son the best.

He was never happy all these years…