Chapter 30 - Almighty Qin, What About a Gay Meetup?

Chapter 30: Almighty Qin, What About a Gay Meetup?

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“Get it.”

Two very simple words, but they sounded freezing cold.

Chen Xiaodong instantly turned around and brought the documents to Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu only flipped through two pages before heading upstairs.

Chen Xiaodong didn’t know what his young master was up to and tried to eavesdrop at the door, but there were only sounds of gaming coming from inside.

That was right.

After Fu Jiu had the contestants’ profiles, she logged into <Hero> and glanced over the rankings in several major regions.

Putting the tip of her finger against her chin, she thought about it.

At last, she moved her finger, opened her friend profile page in the game, and sent a message to Qin Mo, “Almighty Qin, how have you been these two days? Having a hard time finding me?”

At the same time, Qin Mo was sitting in the company office, having an overseas market conference. It was a company that created online games, so having the computer switched on was pretty normal.

The temperature of the atmosphere in the conference room dropped to the freezing point as a “ding” sound was heard.

That man, who was sitting in the middle like a king, tilted his head, and a stream of light swept across his deep eyes.

He raised his hand up and indicated that the meeting was adjourned for now.

This hand gesture shocked all the higher-ups of the company. Even the secretary on the side found this unbelievable.

CEO Qin never stopped for anything during a meeting before.

Why would he do it for a game…

But in the end, everyone still watched helplessly as that beautiful man left the conference room with a notebook computer held in one hand.

“What the hell?”

“No idea.”

There were murmurs in the conference room.

Qin Mo leaned against the wall, and looked at the only name in his friend list—Spade Z.

His long, slim fingers paused a little and then hit the keys, “Not really.”

Fu Jiu looked at those two cold words and then his character avatar. Laughing lightly while holding a lollipop in her mouth, she sat in her chair and replied lazily, “Almighty Qin, if you keep being dishonest, you will have a very hard time finding yourself a girlfriend.”

Qin Mo had the urge to kill someone again.

His eyes became even deeper.

His thin lips curled up, and he messaged another line of text, “You really like lollipops, huh? Chocolate flavor?”

Fu Jiu looked at the screen and felt her back stiffen.

If not for the fact that she was still in her room, she would have thought that someone had planted a camera in her room.

But on second thought, there was no way that he would know who she was. Otherwise, he would have started calling her by her name a long time ago, not making small talk about her and her lollipops.

This man… didn’t just look like alluring; he was a real black belly indeed!

But how on earth did he find out that she loved lollipops?

Was it… that day on the rooftop?

Fu Jiu’s eyes flashed, and she laughed out. “Seems like I need to be more careful next time. Almighty Qin is really extraordinary…” Since he was so difficult to deal with, and since she was going to join the Qin Corporation anyway, she might as well drop a bomb on the enemy first!

“You see, we have been challenging each other for so many days already. Even dogs would have formed a bond by now.” Fu Jiu continued typing. “The weather has been really nice recently, I believe Almighty Qin already knows that I’m in Jiang City. How about we have a little gay meetup tomorrow?”

Qin Mo looked at his pure silver notebook computer and thought about all the answers that Spade Z would have to his questions.

Either to deny, or to avoid.

But he never expected in a million years that Spade Z would ask him to meet up…

[0]: Gay Meetup: in Chinese “Mian Ji”, meaning two male friends’ meet-up, for they act quite close, it gives a feeling to others that they may be gay and like each other romantically.