Chapter 300 - A Beautiful Couple

Chapter 300: A Beautiful Couple

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On this side…

Fu Jiu was still playing games, and she checked on Qin Mo from time to time.

At first, she didn’t understand why the Almighty needed to go somewhere else to answer the phone.

Now she knew that he didn’t want her to overhear his conversation.


But she had really good hearing, so she still managed to pick up a few things.

Beauty An?

This form of address was nothing like the way Almighty would normally call somebody.

And when he was speaking on the phone just now, the Almighty’s eyes obviously weren’t as indifferent as usual.

Although his eyes only had a little bit of gentleness in them, seeing it still felt weird.

Is it his girlfriend?

Fu Jiu was thinking with her head tilted.

When she regained her senses, she saw an unwrapped lollipop appear in front of her. Furthermore, it was chocolate-flavored.

The Almighty’s trick was to give her candies from time to time…

Fu Jiu would reap the benefits from it anyway. She looked to the side and simply wanted to put it inside her mouth.

But out of nowhere, the Almighty lifted her chin up instead.

Fu Jiu frowned. She wanted to avoid him, but she was caught in his gaze for a long time.

At that moment, her heart stopped.

Did he find out?

No way.

I didn’t do anything.

But his eyes were staring so deeply at her face that she couldn’t figure him out…

Fu Jiu felt numb all over her body. She felt that he was so close to her that she could even feel his breath on her face.

Time stopped, and everything seemed to be in slow motion.

The ticking sound of the clock melded with her heartbeat.

Fu Jiu was frantically trying to think of a way out.

Then she heard the man’s voice resound slowly and a little coldly, “What is wrong with your eyes?”

“Hah?” Fu Jiu reached out and touched her eyes. “An infection? Maybe I was looking at the screen for too long, so they became swollen?”

So he lifted her chin up for this. The Almighty really knew how to scare people.

But under normal circumstances, this manner of speaking could really distract a man.

Fu Jiu’s eyes being the way they were right now, Qin Mo grabbed a coat and shoved it into the young man’s hands. “Put it on. We are going to the ER.”

“You don’t go to the ER for an eye infection.” Fu Jiu considered eye infections normal. Eye drops would easily fix this problem.

But Almighty Qin didn’t take anyone’s rejection easily, especially when it concerned the young man’s health.

He dragged her over and put the coat on for her.

Fu Jiu saw that the Almighty was helping her dress, so she straightened up instantly to show that she could do it herself.

What if he ended up touching places that he should not touch?

Fu Jiu’s eyes were red, but they only looked like that when closely examination.

Only Qin Mo could see the difference.

Fu Jiu lowered her head and zipped up her coat. It had a fur hood, so she looked very bundled up.

But after they had come out of the hotel, Qin Mo looked back at the young man.

He put his own scarf around Fu Jiu’s neck for her.

Fu Jiu always felt that the Almighty dressed her up until she resembled a bear, even though Christmas had yet to arrive.

There was a hospital close to their hotel in Tokyo.

The distance was about 700 meters from their location, and they only needed to cross that brightly lit avenue which was lined by beautiful stores.

The two of them walked next to each other, and so many people on the street were staring at them for their outstanding looks.

Tokyo was a very welcoming place.

Sounds of surprise and amazement could be heard from here and there.

But what threw Qin Mo off-guard was the content of their conversations. “I have never seen such a beautiful couple before! They are perfectly matched with each other, and they have perfect heights. It must be so dreamy when they kiss!”