Chapter 301 - Kiss?

Chapter 301: Kiss?

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Of course, Fu Jiu saw Qin Mo’s movements. Even though she was completely covered up from her nose down, she could still see.

Therefore, she could see the Almighty’s facial expressions perfectly.

Looking at how sullen he was, Fu Jiu suddenly felt like teasing him a little, so she adjusted her scarf and turned to the side to look at the high school kids who were gathered around them. She curled her lips up and looked handsome and flirtatious as she teased, “You want to see us kiss?”

She already looked handsome enough when she had her face half-covered, let alone when she had her face completely exposed.

Even the girls from Tokyo couldn’t stand that temptation.

Plus, what the young man just said was too provocative!

If they understood him correctly…

If they wanted to see them kiss, they would do it for them?

Is that so?

Those two high school girls were about to pass out from excitement, but before that, they expressed their thoughts firmly and nodded heavily to say yes.

Qin Mo’s aura became colder when he heard what the young man had just said. With one hand in his pocket, he looked at Fu Jiu so coldly that he could freeze and shatter Fu Jiu with his gaze.

Fu Jiu was never scared of the Almighty when he was like this, so she curled her thin lips up and tugged on the man’s collar. In a charming, wild, and intimate gesture, with one of her hands specifically pinching Qin Mo’s chin, she turned her handsome face and was about to kiss him!!!

They were so close to each other, and anyone who was looking at them could feel the intimacy in the air!

The girls went nuts!

Live! It’s a live version of a mind-blowing kiss scene!


No, why are you stopping!

Kiss him! KISS!

Of course, Fu Jiu wouldn’t kiss him for real.

She had been pressured by the Almighty for so many days, so she missed his black face when he was completely angry with her.

But this time was different…

The Almighty didn’t even move the slightest bit. He didn’t back away either!

If not for her self-control, she really would have kissed him already…

The Almighty’s really cunning…

He’s not getting angry even when he’s being teased and flirted with now?

But Qin Mo didn’t have any plans or schemes this time.

Even he didn’t know why he hadn’t broken the young man’s wrist already…

Instead, he let him inch in like this until he was extremely close.

Fu Jiu smelled sweet, like candy, and when the scent wafted towards him, he didn’t want to shy away at all; he wanted more of it.

On the left side of his face, he could still feel the soft touch of her fox fur hood when she tilted her head slightly. Even that feeling was so subtle that he should be able to simply ignore it… But he still felt it so deeply.

Qin Mo’s mood still became gloomy and cloudy, especially when the young man’s lips almost landed on his.

Qin Mo knitted his eyebrows heavily and shifted his gaze down to look at that guy. “On the count of three, take your paws back… One…”

Fu Jiu didn’t move since the Almighty’s grim expression was rare nowadays. “Brother Mo, don’t get angry. You don’t look handsome when you are angry.”

“Three.” Obviously, Qin Mo wouldn’t count every number out loud. After the countdown, he pulled the young man’s hood down with great strength using his right hand.

Right after that, he turned his body, and their lips were almost pressed together!

When they were only three centimeters apart, he paused, and with a cold smile, he said, “This is how you kiss someone. If you want to learn, big brother can teach you.”