Chapter 302 - Qin Mo Really Wants a Kiss

Chapter 302: Qin Mo Really Wants a Kiss

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It was probably because they were too close to each other.

In an instant, Fu Jiu felt that this was not a friendly position. On the contrary, this felt extremely dangerous.

Especially when the man was talking, his breath would hit her lips, proving that the Almighty was serious.

Luckily, he didn’t lose his senses from anger.

After he had finished, he moved his hand away from her head.

Qin Mo’s fair and pretty face still looked regal and distinguished, and his eyes looked inexplicably deep.

But they were talking from up close. Plus, at that angle, their faces were partially blocked, so from an outsider’s perspective, it looked like they had done things they shouldn’t have done just now.

“Help me, help me, my nose is about to bleed!”

Girls who had dirty minds all acted alike no matter where they were from.

Fu Jiu paused and then looked to the side with a faint smile. She said with a voice completely filled with regret, “Nothing happened, so there’s no need for a nosebleed.”

Did the girls really buy that?

Of course not!

“He is shy, he must be shy now!”

“He looks handsome even when he is shy! He blushes when he lies! He’s the one on the bottom!”

Fu Jiu: “…”



Do I really look so much like the one on the bottom?

I’m the one on top, alright?

Under normal circumstances, she would definitely show her true prowess.

But the Almighty currently looked very unhappy from head to toe.

If she continued her little naughty actions, the Almighty would explode.

He would put her in a sack and throw her into a trash can.

Fu Jiu always knew when danger was lurking, so she didn’t do anything more. After all, there was a very big possibility that he might already have a girlfriend.

Her principle was not to flirt with people who already had girlfriends.

In the meantime, Fu Jiu acted nicely. Since she had an eye infection, she followed Qin Mo obediently. Her face was fair like a piece of jade. With her black coat, fox fur hood, and head of silver strands of hair, she looked like a prince walking straight out from a cartoon. The earring on her left ear was shimmering with a faint light.

Qin Mo wasn’t acting like himself.

His eyes were frighteningly dark.

Because he never expected that…

At that moment… He… He actually wanted to kiss him? He wanted to press his lips tightly onto those soft, thin lips in front of him!

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. The hand in his pocket secretly tightened and then loosened up.

I’m just angry.

Facing this young man’s provocations.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s normal.

After he had thought things through, Qin Mo’s eyes brightened up again. He stopped and turned back to look at the young man.

Fu Jiu instantly noticed that the Almighty was looking at her, and she curled her lips up into a smile.

This time, the Almighty didn’t let this flirty guy get away lightly, and he dragged him over all the way into the hospital.

After getting a queue number, he threw her onto the chair in front of the doctor like he was throwing out a bag of trash.

Fu Jiu fixed her back collar and looked at the stunned Japanese doctor. She smiled and said, “My brother is quite hot-tempered, and I spoil him too much.”

That doctor didn’t understand, but he acted like he suddenly understood everything!

Qin Mo was amused by his little brother, so he laughed out loud. He rubbed his hand against the young man’s head, and there was a familiar coldness in his soft smile. “Since you love your brother this much, you should pay for the doctor’s fee this time.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

The Almighty treated her this way knowing that she loved money dearly.

Where are his morals!