Chapter 303 - Sweet Couple Candy!

Chapter 303: Sweet Couple Candy!

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The doctors in Tokyo were very careful, even though Fu Jiu only asked for some eye cream and eye drops.

That doctor still very conscientiously prescribed a lot of medicine for her, including those for getting rid of the inflammation.

As he was giving out more and more prescriptions, Fu Jiu’s face looked more and more dejected.

A bottle of eye drops would have easily solved her problems, but she ended up shelling out enough cash to buy a high-quality keyboard.

If not for the fact that the Almighty truly wanted to take her to hospital, she would suspect that he was digging a pit for her to fall into again.

But the Almighty still looked sincerely concerned.

Furthermore, he was really acting like a big brother. He was asking all kinds of questions with his clear voice.

The doctors in Tokyo loved these kinds of people who also treated minor illnesses carefully. He pushed his glasses up and said seriously, “Don’t play computer and phone games too much. Young people nowadays just love these kinds of electronics.”

No computers?

How’s that possible?

Losing her access to a computer was worse than quitting food for a hacker like Fu Jiu.

The Almighty would also never agree to this.

Their friendly match was going to be held in a couple of days.

But who knew that…

The Almighty would be hiding more surprises under his belt…

He sounded sullen, but he responded calmly, “Alright.”

That senior doctor respected him greatly and passionately reminded him, “Watch his diet too. He can’t eat beef or lamb. No spicy food either.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

How dare you ask a person who loves hotpot to stop eating beef, lamb, and spicy food!!!

Are you planning on starving me?

Most importantly, she had never seen the Almighty being this cooperative with someone.

He nodded seriously and sounded calm as he complied, “I will keep an eye on him.”

Just like this, after Fu Jiu had walked out of the hospital, she saw the incomparable darkness and hopelessness lying in wait for her for the next three days.

“Brother Mo, it’s really not that serious.” Fu Jiu wanted to convince the Almighty using logic. “It’s all because of the weather and the smog in Jiang City. It’s just a little infection. A few days of eye drops will fix it. The friendly match is coming, so I need to play!”

Qin Mo looked indifferent. He wanted to smoke a cigarette, but after hearing the word “infection,” he put that cigarette stick away. “I will play for you.”

The Almighty wasn’t originally going to play in that friendly match.

After all, it was just a friendly match.

There was no need for the Almighty to appear in it.

“No,” Fu Jiu refused crisply. “Compared to Brother Mo’s hands, my eye infection is nothing!”

Apparently, Qin Mo didn’t want to talk about his hands. “It’s just my left hand, not both of my hands.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

So did he mean that he was going to play with one hand?

Almighty, did you consider other people’s feelings when you said that?

The bright lights on the streets gradually dimmed.

There were fewer people on the streets when the two of them walked back. The shadows underneath their feet stretched out behind them.

When they were back at hotel, Fu Jiu’s phone rang. She took it out to check the notifications, but the Almighty snatched her phone away.

Fu Jiu looked back!

Qin Mo’s godly face was peaceful and calm, and as usual, his voice was as pure as fine ground ink as he exuded the aura of a businessman, “Did you forget what the doctor said just now? Paws off your games for these few days.”

He threw the phone on the bed as he was speaking and ripped his coat open. “Now, go apply the medication.”