Chapter 304 - Applying Medication Sweetly

Chapter 304: Applying Medication Sweetly

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Meanwhile, Feng Shang was in his room all alone. He felt so sad about his idol not replying to him that he sent another voice message to his friend, Triple Nine Lollipop!

He needed to get his idol back!

No matter how shameless Almighty Qin was, if his idol insisted on sleeping with him, Almighty Qin would have to let him come back!

A notification sounded from WeChat, and Fu Jiu’s gaze landed on her phone.

Seeing the young man take a look at his phone, Qin Mo’s hands, which were taking the eye drops out of its packaging, paused. He then took the phone and turned it off with an indifferent expression.

Fu Jiu saw the screen die out altogether, along with that unread message notification. Internally, she could only silently murmur to Baby Feng, Sorry.

There were simply certain things in life that were totally out of her control.

Feng Shang felt that his text was like a stone that fell deep into the ocean.

He couldn’t help but feel frustrated. So his idol liked to sleep with Almighty Qin more?

But… What if his idol made a stupid mistake?

His idol said that if he did anything intimate with Almighty Qin, Almighty Qin would break his hands.

Feng Shang thought about it, but he couldn’t sit still anymore, and so, filled with hot-blooded passion, he decided to rescue his idol from the Almighty!

But as soon as he opened the door, he was stopped by two bodyguards dressed in black.

Feng Shang was stupefied. “Why-why-why are you still here?”

“Boss Qin asked us to stay here to keep Second Young Master safe.”

When that bodyguard said those words, he actually felt bad for Feng Shang.

But he couldn’t do anything. Their boss had always been eloquent with his words.

Feng Shang: “…”

You call this protection?

He was obviously being grounded!

Baby Feng withered. There was no way he could fight these two muscular men by relying on his little physique.

What did he do to piss Almighty Qin off? Why was he treating him like this?

In fact, Baby Feng was overthinking things.

With Qin Mo plugged into the equation, the reasoning was quite simple.

His little brother had to be in the same room as him.

Who else would his little brother share his room with aside from his big brother?

Qin Mo really poured a lot of energy into dealing with Fu Jiu’s issues.

Perhaps things were like what he said.

Since he took him in as his little brother, then he would protect him well.

Therefore, he didn’t feel disgusted about things like applying medication.

The only thing was that when people like Qin Mo touched any kind of medicine, their hearts couldn’t help but feel resistance.

But he also couldn’t stay there and watch the youth apply the medication by himself.

He brought the eye drops over and pinched the young man’s chin naturally.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. What is happening?

“What’s on your mind? Just lift your head.” Qin Mo’s jade-like fingertips lightly tapped him.

Fu Jiu knew that having someone help her apply the medication was better. After all, everyone knew about the difficulty of using eye drops.

In cases of eye infections, the eye drops would cause stinging pain once they fall into the eyes, and if you were administering it yourself, you would blink unconsciously.

And if you blink, the eye drops would go to waste, and you would have to do it all over again.

Thus, after hearing the Almighty’s words, Fu Jiu smiled and lifted her head. She languidly supported herself on the bed using her right hand and opened her eyes wide. She still looked handsome.

Her right eye’s infection was more severe. Qin Mo was examining her eyes very closely, so he could clearly see it.

Qin Mo remained standing. Applying the medication would be easier if he just bent over, so he moved in so he was closer to the young man’s handsome face.

He pressed on the young man’s right eyelid with his long finger. He forced the youth’s eye to open wide and squeezed out a drop of the medication into it.

Fu Jiu’s body shrank away involuntarily.

Qin Mo simply pressed on the young man’s head, and he said mildly, “Don’t move.”