Chapter 305 - Almighty Qin's Patience

Chapter 305: Almighty Qin’s Patience

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“It feels so uncomfortable not to move,” Fu Jiu sighed, but she couldn’t fight against the Almighty.

Qin Mo didn’t listen to the youth and squeezed out a second drop into her right eye.

Fu Jiu didn’t move and felt the sting.

“If it hurts, it’s working,” Qin Mo said as he rubbed the youth’s head.

Fu Jiu let out a sound of acknowledgement. She didn’t want to make things difficult for the Almighty, because she knew that he wasn’t good at comforting people.

Actually, Qin Mo wasn’t willing to see the youth look like this.

He secretly resolved to make the young man eat more food that was good for his eyes.

So that he would never look all withered like this ever again.

The third drop was for her left eye.

Her left eye’s condition wasn’t that serious, so one drop was enough.

Then it time to apply the eye cream. Getting this in Tokyo was a miracle.

Her eyes would be completely covered once the eye cream was applied.

It was very sticky.

Fu Jiu wanted to open her eyes and see the lights and what not.

“Rest up and keep them closed.”

Qin Mo sounded indifferent while his fingers were massaging the corners of Fu Jiu’s eyes, so that she would feel better.

However, Fu Jiu was naturally more alert and guarded than others because of her profession.

She had never been unable to see things like this before.

Especially when she was still a hacker, she liked to see everything all the time.

And that was the reason why she could escape every single time all those years.

Except for Hoshino, she had met no one.

And trusted no one.

But ever since she was reborn, she had become different from before.

How should she put it into words?

She was more grounded now?

But this kind of endless darkness still gave Fu Jiu a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity.

That light scent of tobacco that her nose picked up… seemed to come from the Almighty.

That was the only thing that allowed Fu Jiu to discern his location.

Her heart was affected too.

Fu Jiu tried very hard not to touch that man who was inches away from her because she didn’t want to be accused of being flirtatious again. That would be so unfair.

And besides, she couldn’t see the Almighty’s eyes anymore right now.

She felt insecure about her identity, because she wasn’t sure if the Almighty would be able to notice something was wrong within this span of time.

Therefore, she couldn’t let her guard down even a single bit.


That deep, regal voice resounded.

Fu Jiu laughed. “Why would I be?”

“You back is stiff. You’re still saying you are not nervous?”

Fu Jiu then felt someone touching her head.

The Almighty said in a low voice, “Did you forget already? Your brother studied psychology.”

Fu Jiu admitted, “Okay, I am. It feels uncomfortable being unable to see things.”

Qin Mo lowered his eyes. He was looking at the young man who was complaining in front of him, and his mouth was curved into a half-smile, probably from amusement.

“Brother Mo, are you smiling?” Fu Jiu tilted her head, and her ears perked up.

Qin Mo simply responded with an “en” sound.

He was not trying to hide things at all. Fu Jiu felt that people who studied psychology were real conversation killers.

Just as she felt more and more uneasy, she felt something touch her ears. The sensation was cold, so she wanted to back away from it.

But he pulled her back.

They were headphones.

Why did he give her his headphones?

Qin Mo looked at the young man’s confused face. He then pressed the play button with his long finger and turned the volume up to the maximum level.

A lovely melody coming from the headphones instantly shattered all the darkness, and a perfect baritone resounded in her head. It was Eason Chan’s song, which was perfect for easing nerves…