Chapter 306 - Almighty Qin Is So Full of Love

Chapter 306: Almighty Qin Is So Full of Love

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“After seeing so many people, you learn to appreciate them even if you don’t like them…”

“I’m a silent existence. I don’t wanna be your world, I just wanna be your shoulder…”

The heartwarming lyrics softened Fu Jiu’s heart, and her back relaxed.

The Almighty was really amazing; therefore, when she was with him, she was always on high alert.

Facing him was unlike facing Baby Feng or Xue Yaoyao, who she could be as careless with as she wanted.

The Almighty must have felt that too; that was why, when he was rejected by her, his body language and facial expression became like that.

In fact, the Almighty was protecting her every time.

Even though he was doing this because he thought of her as a man this whole time and took her in as his little brother.

But she hadn’t felt this protected for many years already.

How many people on earth would treat her this well?

Few. Far too few.

Most importantly, the Almighty was just keeping an eye on her, and he wouldn’t doubt her.

This made Fu Jiu happy.

She wasn’t sure if this situation was good for her.

In order to ease her nerves, Qin Mo placed the headphones over her head to let her listen to music. Only the Almighty was capable of thinking of such a way to spoil others.

Perhaps it was because of his upbringing, but even though he acted domineering, he was extremely well-mannered. Spending time with him was always comfortable.

At that moment, the whole world went quiet.

In the dark, Fu Jiu could only smell the gentle mint scent, which was as clear as water. This man’s scent combined well with that of the room. There was also a faint trace of the scent of tobacco amid the peacefulness.

It made people feel calm and secure.

That’s why people say that those who have studied psychology are the most difficult to deal with.

Once the Almighty decided to be gentle to someone, he would use all that he had learnt.

From a psychological standpoint, music calms people and causes them to let their guards down.

Fu Jiu laughed. She tried locating Qin Mo by the sound of his breathing, and she lifted her legs because she wanted to stand up.

But she lost her balance and fell forward, heading towards the ground head first.

Qin Mo was standing in front of the young man. He was one step faster than Fu Jiu, so he gripped her hand firmly.

Because of the eye cream, Fu Jiu still had her eyes closed. Since she couldn’t open them, she simply lifted her head and thanked him with a smile.

She didn’t know how lethal she was when she smiled like that.

Qin Mo stood there, tall and straight like a jade statue. He looked at the young man’s beautiful face, which was like fine china, and the softness he felt on the tips of his fingers made it so hard for him to let go. He grabbed the young man, and his beautiful features seemed to meld with the warm light in the room.

Fu Jiu closed her eyes, so she didn’t see how Qin Mo looked right then.

Qin Mo wasn’t acting like himself at all.

If people had to describe his behavior, they could only say that he had lost himself in her…

Those eyes became darker, making him look like vampire royalty, so arrogant and distant, yet also proper.

While he was staring at the young man’s lips, his pupils were as dark as saturated ink, and his charm could suck people’s souls out.

That face was ridiculously handsome, and the light that shone down upon it shattered into pieces so it looked like there were diamonds deep inside his eyes.

Qin Mo obviously felt that his heart rate was different from usual.

He was not sure if it sped up or slowed down.

His fingers ran through the young man’s hair, and as his gaze fell upon the young man’s lips, there was an irresistible impulse in his blood that forced him to bend over… and lean in…